July-August 2003, Volume LXX, Number 7

Letters to the Editor
"Fratricidal War"... From Letters to Crisis Magazine... Panetta — A "Faithful Catholic"?... "Retiring" Unworthy Bishops... Who Hired the Psychologists?...
New Oxford Notes
Catholicism for Dummies in Pleasant Monthly Installments... What Is It About the American College of Louvain?... Devious "Gay" Priests... OSV's Spirituality for Sensitive Guys... A Lecture on Treating Prelates "Respectfully"
James Buckley
Bishop Weigand's "Bait & Switch"
Alice von Hildebrand
The Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium (Part I)
Michael S. Rose
An American Priest at the End of the Earth
Anne Hendershott
The Dismal State of Most Catholic Colleges & Universities
Brent T. Zeringue
Elaine Hallett
Review: When England Lost the Faith
Reviews of The King’s Achievement by Robert Hugh Benson... Come Rack, Come Rope by Robert Hugh Benson... St. John Fisher by Michael Davies... The Martyrdom of Father Campion and His Companions by William Cardinal Allen
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of The Arians of the Fourth Century by John Henry Cardinal Newman... Sea of Glory by Ken Wales and David Poling... The Endless Knot by William L. Biersach

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