June 1995, Volume LXII, Number 5

Letters to the Editor
Clandestine Reader... Why Am I Not Pleased?... Good For a Chuckle... We Protestants Are Not "Anti-Intellectual"... When We Protestants Need You Catholics... U.S. Jobs to Mexico: Morally Good...
William A. Marra
Sin Is Good for the Economy
Mary F. Rousseau
The Ministry of the Laity
Thomas Storck
The Problem Is Not Too Many People
Robert Coles
Richard M. Harnett
Returning Catholics
Elaine Hallett
"Do This In Memory of Me"
Review of Meditations Before Mass and The Eucharist: Our Sanctification
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of A Nation Under Lawyers... The Philosopher and the Provocateur. The Correspondence of Jacques Maritain and Saul Alinsky Lead, Kindly Light: My Journey to Rome... The Oxford Companion to the Bible... The Catholics of Harvard Square... How to Read the Apocalypse... Reckoning with Apocalypse: Terminal Politics and Christian Hope... Catholic Schools and the Common Good... Devoutly I Adore Thee: The Prayers and Hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas... Chapters into Verse: Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible... Theology and Sanity...

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