June 2000, Volume LXVII, Number 6

Theologians: Get With the Program!
Letters to the Editor
How Could Christ Have More Than One Bride?... Pity Thomas Aquinas... Learning Latin... Catholic Heroes on Stage... No Room in the Inn for Dogma
New Oxford Notes
Lame Excuse... "It’s a Dog’s Life"?... Idiocy Undisturbed... Some Are More Diverse Than Others... The Chickens Come Home to Roost... Clerical Privilege: Back With a Vengeance?... An Apology for the Crucifixion?
Chene Richard Heady
The Failures of the New Lectionary
Joseph P. Swain
Offering Our Musical Best at Mass
Larry A. Carstens
The “Priest Shortage”: Natural or Man- (and Woman-) Made?
Thomas Lessl
The Galileo Legend
Joseph Collison
Abortion in America: Legal & Unsafe
David J. Peterson
Bertrand Russell: Prophet of the New World Order
Carla Marie Coon
The Holy Hour of Adoration
George D. LeMaitre
Surprised by Tradition
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Philosopher at Work: Essays by Yves R. Simon

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