May 1997, Volume LXIV, Number 4

A One-Two Punch for Orthodoxy
Letters to the Editor
Strength for the Journey... Nuns With Hair in Rollers?... Bullygirls... Gender and the English Language... Is This How We Honor a Saint?... Nestorianizing in Chicago...
Mark J. Kelly
Fed Up With Being a Rat in a Liturgical Lab
David C. Stolinsky
Can There Be Any Right to Life Without a Right to Self-Defense?
James G. Hanink
A Response to Stolinsky
Thomas Storck
Is Opposition to Homosexual Activity “Irrational”?
George D. Wignall
A Belated Apology to Pope Paul VI
Noel J. Augustyn
The Cardinal Who Would Be a Saint Needs Not Only a Halo, but a Backbone
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Word and Silence: Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Spiritual Encounter between East and West... The Heart of Virtue... Father Elijah: An Apocalypse... Parish Boundaries: The Catholic Encounter with Race in the Twentieth Century Urban North... Why We Live in Community... Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic... Letters from Saints to Sinners... Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns Through Two Millennia...

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