May 2010, Volume LXXVII, Number 4

Not Over the Hump Yet
Letters to the Editor
A Masterpiece of Precision... Baffled by Rebellion... A Breath of Fresh, Pennsylvanian Air... From Blavatsky to Buffy... Prisons: Satan's Property... and more
The News You May Have Missed
To Confess, Press Two... Tweeting Abortion... Extra-Small Hotshot... 'This Is My Body... Supersize Me!'... A Remedy for Humanity... Cushy Wife... Bottled Spirits... Burning Bush... Meet the New God
New Oxford Notes
The Smoke of Satan in the Vatican?... The Timing Is Just Too Perfect
Carl Sundell
On the Plausibility of God
R. Kenton Craven
Welcome to the Relativism Factory
Douglass H. Bartley
The Realm of Reason
Hurd Baruch with Moira Noonan
The Energy of the Universe Flows Around the Bishops' Blockage
Mary Rosera Joyce
The Originating Judgment of the Culture of Death
Thomas J. Euteneuer
Seven Degrees of Demonic Persecution
Kimberly Marie Roth
Up From Aquarius
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Quest to Topple the Patriarchal Idol
A review of Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God
Briefly Reviewed
Review of The Fourth Secret of Fatima... A Postcard From the Volcano... The New Ecumenism: How the Catholic Church After Vatican II Took Over the Leadership of the World Ecumenical Movement...

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