May 2009, Volume LXXVI, Number 5

Letters to the Editor
The SSPX and anti-Semitism... Democratic Strategies & Catholic Voters... Where Were They? Time to Take the Gloves Off... Why Give Space to Ungodly Theses?... and more
The News You May Have Missed
Catholic Orthodoxy, Georgetown Style... Oh, Those Jesuits!... Put Not Your Trust in Frogs... Premature Deathbed Confession... Guerilla Mixer... Church Without God... Gobbledygook Banned... Living in a Vacuum...
New Oxford Notes
Condom Worshippers & Their Perennial Bogeymen... Song of the Boo-Birds
Maria Hsia Chang
Perfect Possession
W. Patrick Cunningham
The Myth of Pastoral Sensitivity
Hurd Baruch
Pope & Rabbi Square Off Over the Teachings of Jesus
Kerrie K. Hendrickson
Prolifers: Practice What You Preach!
James F. Csank
Inverting Pascal's Wager
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Kowtowing to God-Haters
Review of No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers
Briefly Reviewed
Review of Catholic Manual of Civility... Darwin's Plantation: Evolution’s Racist Roots... Understanding Our Being: An Introduction to Speculative Philosophy in the Perennial Tradition...

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