May 2004, Volume LXXI, Number 5

Letters to the Editor
Oakland is San Antonio... Offensive and slanderous... Charles James responds... Un-Christian article...
New Oxford Notes
Some ecumenical straight-talk... The new queer theologians don’t need your approval... What happens when the professional-class woman has children?... Crisis dumps the Catholic Press Association, but for all the wrong reasons... Can the Pope overrule a Vatican II document?
Martin Heinz
My Soul-Shattering Experience in the Seminary
Thomas Basil
Graffiti in Warsaw, Mormons in Krakow, & Basements in Auschwitz
Mattei Radu
Chastity & the Prolife Movement
Preston Jones
Christian Learning & the Daily Grind
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
How Visceral Hatred of Catholicism Turns Into Genocide
Review of For Altar and Throne: The Rising in the Vendée by Michael Davies and A French Genocide: The Vendée by Reynald Secher
Edmund B. Miller
No Catholic Church, No Dorothy Day
Review of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement edited by William J. Thorn, Phillip M. Runkel and Susan Mountin
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of You Are Peter: An Orthodox Theologian’s Reflection on the Exercise of Papal Primacy by Olivier Clément... Roman Catholics and Shi‘i Muslims: Prayer, Passion, and Politics by James A. Bill and John Alden Williams... Vexilla Regis: Devotions and Intercessions for All Affected by War by Robert Hugh Benson

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