April 1996, Volume LXIII, Number 3

Letters to the Editor
C'mon, Gals, Attack!
Wilton Wynn
Who Is "Ideologically Schizophrenic," the Pope or Today's Liberals?
Lawrence D. Hogan
To Denigrate "Western Civilization" Is to Disinherit Our Children
Raymond T. Gawronski
The Voice of Mother Angelica
Robert Coles
The Heart of the Matter
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Early Anabaptist Spirituality: Selected Writings... The Railway Man: A POW's Searing Account of War, Brutality and Forgiveness... The Tiniest Humans... The Glory To Be Revealed in You... Religion and American Education: Rethinking a National Dilemma... The Life of Saint Benedict... An Expression of Character: The Letters of George MacDonald

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