April 1990, Volume LVII, Number 3

Trendier than Thou?
Letters to the Editor
Salvaging Teilhard de Chardin... Exciting Horizons... Truth Not Cost-Effective... On Pacifism & Anarchism... To Fight a Nuclear War
Norman Lear
Nurturing Spirituality & Religion in an Age of Science & Technology
John Lukacs
Intellectual Opportunism & the Arteriosclerosis of the American Intelligentsia
Ken Russell
On Our Fascination with Royalty
John C. Cort
Shame and Pride in Being “an American”
James J. Thompson Jr.
New Age: Religion with a Designer Label
Review of The Sleep of Reason: Fantasy and Reality from the Victorian Age to the First World War, Crystal Lies: Choices and the New Age, and Evangelizing the New Age: The Power of the Gospel Invades the New Age Move­ment
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of That Red Wheelbarrow: Select­ed Literary Essays... As I Have Loved You... The American Revolution and the Politics of Liberty... Inside My Father’s House

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