April 1989, Volume LVI, Number 3

Letters to the Editor
Unworthy of Intelligent Discussion... Reading Andrew Greeley’s Statistics... Uneasy With Avery Dulles
Christopher Lasch
The Obsolescence of Left & Right
Robert Kirtland
Capital Punishment in Historical Perspective (Not Being yet Another Argument Pro or Con)
Robert Coles
Teaching Fourth Grade
John C. Cort
An Odd Couple: Galbraith & Waugh
James J. Thompson Jr.
Pros & Cons of Pentecostalism & Charismatic Catholicism
Review of Theological Roots of Pentecostal­ism, The Life of Smith Wigglesworth: One Man, One Holy Passion, The Healer-Prophet, William Marrion Branham: A Study of the Prophetic in American Pentecos­talism, Signs and Wonders: Firsthand Ex­periences of Healing, and Healed for Holiness: The Role of Inner Healing in the Christian Life
Dale Vree
The Pope Confounds the Neoconservatives
Review of Aspiring to Freedom: Commen­taries on John Paul II’s Encycli­cal “The Social Concerns of the Church”

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