April 2016, Volume LXXXIII, Number 3

Letters to the Editor
Fighting Against God... What Is & What Should Have Been... The Timidity of Peter... Unpredictable & Pontifically Zany... Sick of Silicon Valley “Innovations”... A Needed Corrective... Christianity Made Your Day-to-Day Life Possible... The Eye of a Craftsman... Worth the Loss of Sleep... Grossly Inaccurate... more
The News You May Have Missed
Transsexual Jesus, the Play... Facebook Offenders... The Price of Prayer... The Cost of Clean Air... Word War on Women... Brotherhood of the Beard... Paging Doogie Howser... Bacon Break-in... Zodiac Candidate
New Oxford Notes
Looking Beyond Malalapalooza... A New Springtime for Liberal Catholicism?
Monica Migliorino Miller
A Virus, a Crisis
Kenneth Colston
A Radical Recalibration of the Moral Economy
Richard Upsher Smith Jr.
Traditionalist & Progressive Totalitarians in the Church
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Tyranny of the Perverse Will
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Presumption: A Pathetic Self-Deception
Christopher Gawley
The Civil War as a Proving Ground for the Church
A review of For the Union and the Catholic Church: Four Converts in the Civil War
Briefly Reviewed
From Christendom to Americanism and Beyond: The Long, Jagged Trail to a Postmodern Void... Five Anti-Catholic Myths: Slavery, Crusades, Inquisition, Galileo, Holocaust

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