April 2001, Volume LXVIII, Number 4

Blitzkrieg on the Western Front
Letters to the Editor
A Grateful Indian Priest... No Apology Needed for What Was Predestined... Assume the Best of Same-Sex Couples... Heartbreaking... Fight On, But Good-Bye!... What Next?... Russian Orthodox Church Abroad: Not Really Orthodox... The Blessed Virgin Mary Was Not an Unwed Mother... Classical Liberalism Is the Issue...
New Oxford Notes
Breeding Sissies... Put Not Your Trust In Vice Princesses... The Separation of Church and Plate... Berkeley Professor Wants More Catholics to Get Divorced... Folks, Here Are Your Orders... Diversity Trumps The Eucharistic Christ
Doug Tattershall
Dear Bishop: If You Really Want More Vocations…
Terence Gallagher
Why Do American Catholics Turn a Blind Eye To the Persecution of Fellow Catholics?
Andrew D. Muras
Infertility & the Illusion of Control
Michael Morassutti
The Sky Is Falling! (Yet Again)
Review of The Coming Global Superstorm
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Who’s Who in the Bible... A Month-by-Month Guide to Entertaining Angels... Reconciling Faith and Reason: Apologists, Evangelists, and Theologians in a Divided Church... The Mysteries of Life in Children’s Literature... The Way of the Lamb: The Spirit of Childhood and the End of the Age
David Arias Jr.
Reviews of Theology as the Road to Holiness in St. Bonaventure... The End of Time: A Meditation on the Philosophy of History... Tender Fingerprints: A True Story of Loss and Resolution

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