March 1990, Volume LVIII, Number 2

What Catholics Need to Learn from Protestants
Letters to the Editor
Failure of Omission... Ragging... Contra Lukacs... Whittaker Chambers the Prophet... Roger Hiss Was Framed... Green is Difficult... Slander... More Hoyt!... Will the Real Soloviev Please Stand Up
Thomas Molnar
The Future of Eastern Europe
Bohdan Pilacinski
Poland’s Solidarity: A Personalist Revolution
Nancy O. McAdams
Only Yesterday: Remembering East Germany
James Prothero
Discovering Catholicism
Robert Coles
The Underclass, Part VI: What Is to Be Done?
John C. Cort
Report from the Holy Land
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of The Slavophile Controversy: History of a Conservative Utopia in Nineteenth-Century Russian Thought... Spark from Heaven: The Mystery of the Madonna of Medjugorje... Harper’s Bible Pronunciation Guide... Evelyn Waugh... The Modernization of Sex: Havelock Ellis, Alfred Kinsey, William Masters and Virginia Johnson... Sacralizing the Secular: The Renaissance Origins of Moder­nity... Another Sort of Learning

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