March 2018, Volume LXXXV, Number 2

Letters to the Editor
The Code of the Warrior... Fifty Years After the Fact... Trump: Looking Past the Sound & Fury... Don’t Discount Those “Obscure Figures”... Quitting Time... Bile & Lies... Don’t Believe the Narrative... An Ignoble Cast of Mind... and more
The News You May Have Missed
What Osama Watched... Red Devil... Getting Over the Hump... Drunk Droning... Leaving the Left Coast... Pizza Antidote... Instrument of Torture, Object of Desire... Mutually Assured Cybercide... and more
New Oxford Notes
Are We Winning?... Falling into the Darkness of Error
Alvaro Delgado
A Journey to the Threshold of Eternal Life
James V. Schall
Do Historical Norms Alter Church Teachings? Should They?
W. Patrick Cunningham
What If Pope Francis Were to Rescind Summorum Pontificum?
James F. O’Callaghan
The Most Important Things in Life Are Obligatory
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Peter Against the Saracens
A review of Writings Against the Saracens (The Fathers of the Church: Mediaeval Continuation, Vol. 16)
Anthony Giambrone
Is a Gender War Woven into the Fabric of Creation?
A review of The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World — and Us
Briefly Reviewed
American Law from a Catholic Perspective... The Soul’s Upward Yearning... God So Loved the World... The Light Shines on in the Darkness... Aquinas and the Theology of the Body

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