January-February 1997, Volume LXIV, Number 1

The Common Ground Project at the End of an Era
Letters to the Editor
I Can No Longer Deny It... Why Did the Church Hide Her Splendors From Me?... Distributive Justice... Catholics in Berkeley???... Bad in Belgium too... From a "Soggy Trimmer"... Extremist & Irrelevant... The Real Catholic Petition... In Your Face, America!
Noel J. Augustyn
Lent: Time for Another Parish Party?
Kristen West McGuire
A Case Against "Inclusive Language"
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Divorce: The Unnatural Termination of a Story
Mark Lowery
How to Point Out Seven Self-Refuting Secularist Propositions
Jonathan Poletti
Paths Trod by Sheldon Vanauken
Caroline A. Langston
Review of Walker Percy: The Last Catholic Novelist by Kieran Quinlan
James G. Hanink
Review of The Samuel Johnson Encyclopedia by Pat Rogers
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of The Hand of God... Mysticism, Death and Dying

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