January-February 1996, Volume LXIII, Number 1

"Why Is a Good Priest So Hard to Find?"
Letters to the Editor
"Gang of 40" Revisited... Who Is Offending Whom?... Elevator-Music Catholicism... Forget Notre Dame!... If It's Really Murder... The "Deadbeat Dads" Fetish... One Candle Then, Many Now... Not Exactly Bedtime Reading...
Raymond T. Gawronski
Why Was Christ a Male & Why Did He Ordain Only Men?
Clare McGrath Merkle
Our Children, the Public Schools, & Our Toxic Culture
Francis Crotty
The Catholic Home School
Robert Coles
The First & the Last
Sheldon Vanauken
A Humble Proposal
George S. Mitrovich
Football & Mass in South Bend
James G. Hanink
Green Politics & Catholic Vision
Review of Another Turn of the Crank
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of The Right Way to Live: Plato's Republic for Catholic Students... Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem... Families at the Crossroads... John Courtney Murray and the Dilemma of Religious Toleration...

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