January-February 1991, Volume LVIII, Number 1

Letters to the Editor
Do as Jesus Said or as He Did?... The Tale of an Alienated Catholic... The Nature of Community...
Roger Mahony
Just War Criteria & the Crisis in the Persian Gulf
Daniel E. Pilarczyk
Would Offensive U.S. Military Action in the Persian Gulf Be Morally Justified
Christopher Lasch
The Spirit of Modern Science
Brett Webb-Mitchell
The Spirituality of the Mentally Disabled
Sheldon Vanauken
The Second Amendment
Gordon C. Zahn
Response to Vanauken
Dale Vree
Response to Vanauken
Celia Wolf-Devine
Simone Wail: Virtue to a Fault
Review of Simone Weil by Gabriella Fiori
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of King's Pawn...John Donne: Selections from Divine Poems, Sermons, De­votions, and Prayers... The Politics of Rich and Poor. Wealth and the American Elec­torate in the Reagan After­math... Daniel Berrigan: Poetry, Dra­ma, Prose... Lent: The Slow Fast... Inside the Soviet Writers' Union... Sweden: Social Democracy in Practice... Proud Donkey of Schaerbeek: Ade Bethune, Catholic Worker Artist...

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