January-February 1990, Volume LVII, Number 1

The Crumbling of Communism: Good for the Catholic Church?
Letters to the Editor
A Dangerous Generalization... My Little Sect... Sin is Sin... To Soothe Jewish Pain... Jewish-Catholics... Clubbish & Hypocritical... Personalism in Los Angeles
Patrick Murray & Jeanne A. Schuler
Conspicuous Consumption & the Falling Rate of Enjoyment
Charles Taliaferro
Can an All-Good God Be Jealous?
Will Hoyt
A Shower-Bath from the Height of 500 Million Years
Kathy Kelly
The Witness of a Post-Abortion Woman
John C. Cort
Those Sad & Innocent Eyes
C.H. Ross
The Moral Use of Nuclear Weapons?
Review of A Fighting Chance: The Moral Use of Nuclear Weapons
Stuart Gudowitz
Economics as if God Mattered
Review of Ethics and the National Economy
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of Emma Goldman in Exile: From the Russian Revolution to the Spanish Civil War... Catholic Colleges and Federal Funding... Mother of All Nations: Visions of Mary... Protestant Thought and Natural Science... Virgil Michel: American Catho­lic... The Thinking Revolutionary: Principle and Practice in the New Republic

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