January-February 1987, Volume LIV, Number 1

Dale Vree
Ten Years & Still Rolling
Henri J. M. Nouwen
Christ’s Simultaneous Absence & Presence
Carl R. Schmahl
Easy Pickings
Dale Vree
The Bishops' Pastoral on the Economy & the Scandal of Catholicism
Juli Loesch
Basketball & the Options for Social Action
Robert Coles
Voluntary Poverty
John C. Cort
Neither Karl Marx nor Adam Smith
Thomas W. Case
Gracious Sensibility, Ruthless Self-Examination
Review of Fleeing the Whore of Babylon by James J. Thompson Jr.
A. James McAdams
Slighting the Vatican's 'Ostpolitik'
Review of Moscow and the Vatican by Alexis Ulysses Floridi, S.J.
Briefly Reviewed

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