January 2004, Volume LXXI, Number 1

Letters to the Editor
New Oxford Notes
Special Breeds and Lesser Breeds... Democracy, Anyone?... How Many of Our Priests Are Leading Secret Lives?... Priestly Pedophilia: Soul-Murders or Merely “Incidents”?... God the Father, the Elephantine God — Whatever... The "New Springtime” for the Church Is a Long Ways Off... How CUF became the bishops' friend.
Eugene Kania
Do We Measure Up as Catholics?
Mitchell Kalpakgian
The Empty Self vs. the Rich Soul
Leland D. Peterson
Homosexuality & Same-Sex “Marriage”
Geoffrey Henderson
The Wages of Roe v. Wade
William H. Soisson III
From the Darkness
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Open Season on Catholic History in the U.K.?
Review of The Construction of Martyrdom in the English Catholic Community, 1535-1603 by Anne Dillon
Thomas Storck
The Stale Good Guy/Bad Guy Formula
Review of Catholic Intellectuals and the Challenge of Democracy by Jay P. Corrin
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of The Teachings of the Church Fathers edited by John R. Willis, S.J... Priest: Portraits of Ten Good Men Serving the Church Today by Michael S. Rose...

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