January 2003, Volume LXX, Number 1

Letters to the Editor
Christ: Clown or King?... The Traditional Latin Mass Is the Answer... A Desperate Attempt To Hold On to Power... Disordered and Defective...
New Oxford Notes
Has the Permanent Revolution Pooped Out In the People’s Republic?... Oh, to Be a Victim!... Can We Please Change the Subject!... When the "Shorter Form" Is The Politically Correct Form... Evangelize! (But Why?)
David Mills
Roman Fever
William J. Tighe
The Diaspora of Traditional Anglicans
Thomas Storck
The Shrinking of Sacred Time
Find Your Career in the Church - the Scientific Way
Michael J. Miller
Extreme Sacrilege, Extreme Consequences
R.T. Neary
A New Approach for the Prolife Movement
Philip Blosser
Keeping the Light Burning
Reviews of Quality With Soul: How Six Premier Colleges and Universities Keep Faith With Their Religious Traditions by Robert Benne... Higher Learning and Catholic Traditions edited by Robert E. Sullivan
Briefly Reviewed
Reviews of The Inner Search by Dom Hubert van Zeller... The Confessions of St. Augustine extracts selected and translated by Carolinne White... You're a Better Parent Than You Think! A Guide to Common Sense Parenting by Raymond N. Guarendi, Ph.D...
Thomas Ellis
Reviews of Negrophobia: A Race Riot in Atlanta, 1906 by Mark Bauerlein... Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion by C. Stephen Evans... A Man of the Beatitudes: Pier Giorgio Frassati by Luciana Frassati

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