Vital Works Reconsidered

Thomas S. Martin
Is Modern Man Too Healthy for Literature?
January-February 2018
Mitchell Kalpakgian
To Die from Having Lived
September 2017
Ian Hunter
When No Man Was His Own
July-August 2016
F. Douglas Kneibert
A Surrender Total & Complete
May 2016
Christopher Gawley
Freedom, But to What End?
January-February 2016
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
The Tears of a Cleric
November 2015
Stephen J. Kovacs
A Lifeboat for a Sinking Society
April 2015
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Average Is Not Normal
January-February 2015
Stanley T. Grip Jr.
Through a Lens, Darkly
December 2014
Rob Agnelli
A Thomistic Vision of Man’s Final End
November 2014
Christopher Gawley
Purgatory on Earth
May 2014
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Manipulation, Murder & Madness
September 2013
F. Douglas Kneibert
Martyrdom in Mexico: Graham Greene’s Masterpiece
June 2013
Matthew Anger
On Gratitude & Growing Up
April 2013
Kevin Duffy
What Is Free Time For?
March 2013
Donald DeMarco
The Invalid Identification of Contraries With Contradictories
January-February 2013
Kenneth Colston
Misreading a Masterpiece
November 2012
Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.
Ancient Perspective on the Postmodern Condition
July-August 2012
Elaine Hallett
Shelter From the Storm
June 2012
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Elemental & Sophisticated Evil
April 2012
Christopher Gawley
Saints of Social Revolution
December 2011
F. Douglas Kneibert
Recalling the Glories of the Faith
October 2011
Carl Sundell
Advice to Hell Raisers
June 2011
John Martin
The Third Man & the Third Millennium
May 2011
Christopher Gawley
To Question Authority
January-February 2011
Matthew Anger
Three Victorian Morality Tales
July-August 2010
Mitchell Kalpakgian
We Reap What We Sow
May 1995
Edwin Fussell
Whispering Glades Revisited: No Catholics Allowed
January-February 1995
Charles Hallett
A Twitch Upon the Thread
November 1994
Edwin Fusell
The Aesthetics of God
October 1994
Glenn N. Schram
A Neo-Thomist's Defense of Democracy
January-February 1993
Jean Bethke Elshtain
The Incarnational Mind vs. the Captive Mind
October 1992
Avery Dulles
The Medievalism of Etienne Gilson
September 1992
Ronald Austin
Art: Contemplation or Commodity?
January-February 1992
Charles Owen Rice
The Other War We lost in Vietnam
December 1991
Sheldon Vanauken
C.S. Lewis's Divine Comedy
September 1991
John R. Quinn
Orthodoxy — as Opposed to Fundamentalism, Theological Liberalism & Integralism
May 1991
Michael E. Smith
That Incomprehensible Mystery at the Heart of All Things
January-February 1991
John Rossi
Christianity's Great Rival
November 1990
Christopher Lasch
The Degradation of Work, Yesterday & Today
October 1990
Jose M. Sanchez
The Spanish Civil War: Beyond the Legends
June 1990
John Lukacs
Intellectual Opportunism & the Arteriosclerosis of the American Intelligentsia
April 1990
Will Hoyt
A Shower-Bath from the Height of 500 Million Years
January-February 1990
John Lukacs
The Conspiratorial World View of Whittaker Chambers
November 1989

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