Sacred Music

Andrew M. Seddon
Rising from the Mire
December 2017
Lucy E. Carroll
In Praise of Honest Sentiment
June 2012
Lucy E. Carroll
Revised Musical Settings for the Revised Missal?
July-August 2011
Lucy E. Carroll
Philadelphia's Glorious Catholic Music History
December 2008
Lucy E. Carroll
Why the Music Is So Bad
October 2008
Lucille A. Flynn
A Brief History of Catholic Church Music
April 2008
Ted Ley
A Schola Cantorum for Today's Liturgy
December 2003
Stephen Rombouts
Why I Remain Seated When I Hear Handel's Hallelujah Chorus
December 2001
Mike Dodaro
What to Do With That "Ferrari" Organ?
September 2000
Joseph P. Swain
Offering Our Musical Best at Mass
June 2000
New Oxford Notes
Coming to Your Parish Soon...
May 2000
John C. Cort
Corporate Worship, Christian Community & Social Action
March 1989

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