Pop Culture & the Entertainment Industry

Robert Barron
The Rise of the “All-Conquering Female”
March 2017
David C. Stolinsky
Nothing Sacred, Nothing Profane
September 2016
Robert Barron
The Curse of Total Sexual Freedom
June 2016
Jason M. Morgan
The Canticles of Genderspirit
May 2016
Jason M. Morgan
Anthem of the Auto-Confessing Bad Doctrine
January-February 2015
New Oxford Notes
Is Adulthood in America Dead?
November 2014
New Oxford Notes
The Birth-Control Box in the Living Room
November 2014
Frederick W. Marks
The Apotheosis of Sports
October 2014
New Oxford Notes
The Kiss Seen 'Round the World
September 2014
J. Jacob Tawney
The Fourfold Problems of Facebook
July-August 2014
Arland K. Nichols
The Primetime Blues
November 2011
New Oxford Notes
The Last Acceptable Prejudice
December 2010
New Oxford Notes
It's Always the Family
January-February 2010
Maria Hsia Chang
Peering Into the Abyss
October 2008
Thomas Strobhar
Holy Porn!
February 2008
New Oxford Notes
The Department of Defense -- Porn Trafficker
December 2007
New Oxford Notes
Fox TV Is Violent, Profane & Obscene
December 2007
New Oxford Notes
The Filthy Speech Movement
September 2007
New Oxford Notes
Sean Hannity Promotes Contraception, Abortion & War
June 2007
New Oxford Notes
A Double Standard
May 2007
New Oxford Notes
Smooth As Silk
March 2006
Michael S. Rose
MTV: A Recruiting Ground For Priests?
February 2002
Mike Dodaro
The Folly of Trying to Outdo Wagner
January 2002
New Oxford Notes
The Alchemy of Consumption
December 2001
Jack Taylor
Smoke If You Must, But Get Rid of That Execrable TV
September 2001
Wayne Lela
Needed: Warning Labels On Television Sets
June 2001
Michael Medved
Homosexuality & the Entertainment Media
June 2001
New Oxford Notes
"Crime Must Not Go Unpunished" - Or Was That "Unpaid"?
March 2001
New Oxford Notes
Feminism in the Service of Exploitation
January 2001
David C. Stolinsky
The Inalienable Right to Be Entertained
September 2000
New Oxford Notes
Fanfare for the Not-So-Common Humanoid
July-August 2000
New Oxford Notes
Workers of the World, Unite! - In Front of the Boob Tube
January 2000
Brendan Kneale
Thomas Aquinas Contra Andy Rooney
November 1999
Patrick Coffin
We Love to Look in the Mirror
October 1999
Wayne Lela
Power, Money, Deals, Drugs & Bimbos
October 1999
Allan C. Carlson
In the "Culture of Clinton": A Time for Defiance
May 1999
J. A. Gray
Spirituality for the Self-Centered
April 1998
Wesley D. Avram
Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, & the Media
November 1997
James K. Fitzpatrick
Can Teenagers Survive Marilyn Manson?
November 1997
Thomas Storck
A Case for Censorship
May 1996
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Why the Entertainment Industry Is Bad for Children
March 1996
Will Hoyt
TV, Computers, & the Gnostic Grail
October 1996
Robert Coles
Talk Shows
December 1994
George F. Kennan
American Addictions
June 1993
Norman Lear
The Cathedral of Business
April 1993
Rawley Myers
The Propaganda America Can't Resist
December 1991
Ken Russell
On Our Fascination with Royalty
April 1990
Ronald Austin
Inside the Dream Factory (or "It's Chinatown, Jake!")
November 1990
Robert Coles
Children and Media Violence
April 1988
John C. Cort
A Religious Revival?
July-August 1987
John C. Cort
The Triumph of Lust
June 1987

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