Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

Warren R. Johnson
Another Side of John Henry Newman
October 2016
New Oxford Notes
The Anglican Conundrum
March 2016
Clara Sarrocco
Newman in Italy: From Tourist to Pilgrim
December 2014
Martha C. Eischen
What Is the Anglican Patrimony?
May 2012
New Oxford Notes
The Extraordinary Ordinariate
January-February 2011
Robert A. O’Donnell
The Two Worlds of John Henry Newman
September 2011
New Oxford Notes
Cardinal Newman: The Urban Legend
November 2010
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Newman's Call to Authentic Discipleship
October 2010
Chene Richard Heady
A Permanent Scandal to the World
September 2010
John Beaumont
Do You Despair Over the Current Crisis in the Church?
June 2010
David J. Harrison
Two Theologians on the Development of Doctrine
January-February 2010
New Oxford Notes
City of Confusion
October 2009
New Oxford Notes
The War We Wage
September 2009
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
The Achievements of Father Stanley L. Jaki
June 2009
Richard Geraghty
Newman & Evangelization
October 2004
Stanley L. Jaki
Newman, an "Apostate"?
May 2003
Stanley L. Jaki
The Malines Conversations & What Was Malign There
July-August 2002
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Unspinning Newman
May 2002
Stanley L. Jaki
Newman: Myths & Facts
November 2001
Richard Geraghty
Newman, the Real Presence & The Tabernacle
April 2000
New Oxford Notes
The Atheist, the Cardinal & The Liberals
January 2000
Richard Geraghty
Not Just a Misunderstanding
March 1999
W. Robert Aufill
A Look at Dave Hunt, Leading Anti-Catholic Fundamentalist
January 1999
J. A. Gray
A Voice Crying in the Bewilderedness
July-August 1998
Barry Bossa
St. Vincent Pallotti & the Oxford Movement
October 1995
Dale Vree
Newman's Advice to Anglo-Catholics
October 1994
William K. Klimon
The Crisis of Anglo-Catholicism in England
June 1994
David Denton
The Drama of the Oxford Movement
April 1994
John Warwick Montgomery
Breaking Trust With Cardinal Newman
January-February 1993
David Hartman
Not Love in the Shallows
December 1991
Bryant Burroughs
The Discomforts of Rome
September 1991
John R. Quinn
Orthodoxy — as Opposed to Fundamentalism, Theological Liberalism & Integralism
May 1991
J.M. Cameron
Dissecting Newman
December 1990
Anthony Anderson
Newman’s Prophetic Challenge to Clericalism
June 1989
John Henry Newman
The Danger of Riches
May 1989
Paul van K. Thomson
On Ecumenism & the Amazing Unity of Catholics
November 1988
Paul van K. Thomson
Mariology: The Essence of Rome's "Errors"?
April 1987

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