New Age, Paganism & Gnosticism

New Oxford Notes
Centurions of the New Age
October 2016
Mark McMenamin
The Theological Treachery of Partial Scientific Truths
July-August 2015
The News You May Have Missed
October 2010
Hurd Baruch with Moira Noonan
The Energy of the Universe Flows Around the Bishops' Blockage
May 2010
Arturo Vasquez
Tibetan Flags Over Berkeley
February 2009
Ginger Hutton
On Retreat With Sister Rupp
June 2008
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Human Sacrifice on the Altar of Gaia
June 2008
New Oxford Notes
Nothing Distinctive About the Church
April 2008
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Our Pantheistic Sisters
February 2008
Bryce Sibley
The Fr. Richard Rohr Phenomenon
March 2006
Joel S. Peters
Yoga & Christianity
February 2006
New Oxford Notes
'An Ancient Structure To Beckon Gods'?
November 2005
Dale Price
Pagans, Liturgists & The Transcendent
March 2005
Anne Feaster
New Age Traps
February 2005
Larry A. Carstens
Errors & Deception in The Da Vinci Code
February 2005
New Oxford Notes
Quantum Spirituality
April 2004
Alice von Hildebrand
Pagans or Apostates?
March 2004
Terence Gallagher
The Neo-Pagans Are Giving Ancient Paganism a Bad Name
February 2003
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
A New Mary Magdalen
November 2002
New Oxford Notes
Fire Alarms in the Night
April 2002
Lee Penn
Beware! The New Age Movement Is More Than Self-Indulgent Silliness
July-August 2000
Joseph Collison
"Deja Vu All Over Again": The Return of Paganism
February 1999
Lee Penn
The United Religions Initiative, A Bridge Back to Gnosticism
December 1998
Mark Tooley
Is God a Cloud? Does She Have Breasts?
March 1998

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