At the Movies

Alexandra Wilson
Infinity War: A Call to Action
July-August 2018
Robert Barron
The Rise of the “All-Conquering Female”
March 2017
Edwin Dyga
The “Biggest Nothing” in History
December 2016
Stanley T. Grip Jr.
Through a Lens, Darkly
December 2014
New Oxford Notes
Bringing the Gospels Back to the Big Screen
January-February 2014
Terry Scambray
The Orientalism of Barack Obama
November 2012
Erin O’Luanaigh
Surprise! A Hollywood Film that Treats Fatherhood with Respect
April 2012
John Martin
The Third Man & the Third Millennium
May 2011
Maria Hsia Chang
Peering Into the Abyss
October 2008
Lawrence B. Porter
Catholic Cameos From the Silver Screen
January 2007
Dimitri Cavalli
A Great Catholic Film (Made By a Protestant)
October 2006
Charles A. Coulombe
No Sane City
January 2005
Charles A. Coulombe
The Siege of Western Civilization
July-August 2004
E. Christian Brugger
In Case You Didn’t Get to See The Passion of the Christ a Second Time
June 2004
Michael Morris
Previewing Mel Gibson's Passion
February 2004
David C. Stolinsky
A Nation of Narcissists?
June 2002
Lawrence B. Porter
From the Sistine Chapel To the Silver Screen
March 2002
Bradley J. Birzer
The Christian Gifts of J.R.R. Tolkien
November 2001
Michael Medved
Homosexuality & the Entertainment Media
June 2001
New Oxford Notes
Dogma: A Damnable Mess of a Movie
January 2000
Patrick Coffin
We Love to Look in the Mirror
October 1999
Wayne Lela
Power, Money, Deals, Drugs & Bimbos
October 1999
Mark T. Lickona
The Cartoon Saga of Unholy Moses
September 1999
Mark Tooley
Is God a Cloud? Does She Have Breasts?
March 1998
Francis Canavan
A Truly "Eerie" Film?
September 1996
Ronald Austin
Walker Percy: The Man & the Movie
October 1993
Robert Coles
Memories of 1964
March 1989
Michael Gallagher
What Does Real Faith Require of Us?
November 1988

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