Liturgy, Liturgical Rites & Devotions

New Oxford Notes
Off with His Head!
July-August 2018
Thomas Storck
A First Step in the Recovery of a Catholic Vision of Reality
April 2018
W. Patrick Cunningham
What If Pope Francis Were to Rescind Summorum Pontificum?
March 2018
James F. O’Callaghan
The Most Important Things in Life Are Obligatory
March 2018
Richard Upsher Smith Jr.
The Latin Mass After a Year’s Attendance
December 2016
Paul Malocha
Invasion of the Empty Universals
December 2015
W. Patrick Cunningham
A Dialogue of Forms
July-August 2015
Thomas Storck
Liturgy that Speaks to the Soul
June 2015
New Oxford Notes
The Beginning of the End?
May 2015
Rosemary Lunardini
Hidden Treasures from the Middle Ages
April 2014
Bill Kassel
Liturgical Triumphalism
November 2013
Rosemary Lunardini
Deeper in History, Deeper in Prayer
November 2013
New Oxford Notes
The Revolution That Wasn't
March 2013
Heather M. Erb
Prayer Postures: What They Mean & Why They Matter
April 2012
Ken Skuba
Altar Boys: The Problem or the Solution?
November 2011
New Oxford Notes
Universae Ecclesiae: A Blow Against Liturgical Absolutism
July-August 2011
New Oxford Notes
Out of the Liturgical Ghetto
July-August 2011
New Oxford Notes
An All-New 'New Liturgical Movement'?
July-August 2011
Rosemary Lunardini
A Defining Step Toward Authentic Liturgical Reform
November 2010
Ken Skuba
Whither Goeth the Reform of the Reform?
September 2010
Harold B. McKale
The Case Against Liturgical Antiquarianism
October 2009
Michael S. Rose
The Three Natural Laws of Catholic Church Architecture
September 2009
Shannon M. Jones
Beware the Sajdah
May 2008
New Oxford Notes
'The Reform of the Reform' Is Going Nowhere -- At Least Not Yet
September 2007
James S. Blankenship
The Anglican Use in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church
July-August 2007
New Oxford Notes
The Love of God Is Like...
June 2007
New Oxford Notes
Absolutely Null & Utterly Void
May 2007
Alvaro Delgado
Outrage Over Liturgical Dance
May 2007
Richard & Elizabeth Gerbracht
Heaven Help Us With the Homily
April 2007
Lyn Frances Elledge
Restoring the Altar Rail & the Tabernacle
December 2006
Joseph Klee
Black Is the Color
December 2006
New Oxford Notes
Our Churches Will Be Empty
November 2006
F. Douglas Kneibert
Homosexuality Is Bad? But Where's That in the Lectionary?
June 2006
Larry A. Carstens
Please Don't Bless My Children
February 2006
F. Douglas Kneibert
"On This Rock I Will Build My Celebration Center"
November 2005
Jim Macri
I, Liturgist
February 2005
Donald D. Hook
The Disappearing Sanctus Bells
July-August 2004
Dale Price
Putting Catholic Men on Ritalin
June 2004
New Oxford Notes
Can the Pope Overrule a Vatican II Document?
May 2004
Ted Ley
A Schola Cantorum for Today's Liturgy
December 2003
Lucy E. Carroll
Ev'ry Knee Shall Lock
September 2003
Francis X. Altiere IV
Why I Attend the Traditional Latin Mass
June 2003
Todd Powell
An Outsider's Impressions of The Modern Mass
March 2002
New Oxford Notes
Bow Down & Worship Me!
February 2001
Jeremy Lott
A Baptist Meets a Mutant Mass
February 2001
Eric J. Scheske
The Stage-Managed Emotionalism of Today's "Worship Experience"
January 2001
Regis Scanlon
On Bending the Knee to Receive Holy Communion
September 2000
W. Patrick Cunningham
The Liturgical Pogrom
July-August 2000
Jude A. Huntz
The Liturgy as Catechism
May 2000
Noel J. Augustyn
On the Power, Misuse & Neglect of Liturgical Symbolism
May 2000
Paul C. Fox
A Real Folk Mass
January 2000
David Mills
Emotionalism or Ritualism - Or the Best of Both?
December 1999
Joanne Sadler Butler
The Dubious Pedigree of Touchie-Feelie Catholicism
November 1999
J. A. Gray
Turning Catholics Into A Stiff-Kneed People
July-August 1999
David Watt
God Be in My Hand -- or on My Tongue?
June 1999
Donald Dwight Hook
Making the Holy Mass a Generic Worship Service In a Generic Worship Space?
June 1999
W. Patrick Cunningham
The Language of the Body & the Mass
February 1999
Peter M. J. Stravinskas
Rebuilding Our Liturgy & Civilization
June 1998
Noel J. Augustyn
The Suppression of Popular Devotions In Today's Catholic Church
May 1998
Peter M.J. Stravinskas
Lessons to Be Learned From the Ecclesiastical Battle Over "Inclusive Language"
February 1998
Basil Cole
On Altar Servers & Serverettes
January 1998
Patrick Madrid
Discovering the Catholic Church's Eastern Rite
October 1997
Elaine Hallett
"Do This In Memory of Me"
June 1995
Mary F. Rousseau
The Ministry of the Laity
June 1995
Christopher W. Decker
Beauty for Worship's Sake
January-February 1995

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