Literature & Literary Criticism

Kenneth Colston
Clerics & Curates: Who Needs Them?
June 2018
Mitchell Kalpakgian
The Family: The Center of Civilization
April 2018
Thomas S. Martin
Is Modern Man Too Healthy for Literature?
January-February 2018
David Arias
How Literature Helps Us Grow in Virtue
September 2017
Mitchell Kalpakgian
To Die from Having Lived
September 2017
Kenneth Colston
On Pilgrimage with Shakespeare in Protestant England
May 2017
John Lyon
On Man’s Many Attempts to “Kill Death”
April 2017
Anne M. Maloney
What Would Flannery O’Connor Say?
January-February 2017
Mitchell Kalpakgian
The Inspiration of the Muses in Daily Life
December 2016
John Lyon
Are We Living in Georges Bernanos’s Utilitarian Nightmare?
November 2016
Andrew M. Seddon
Is There Such a Thing as Catholic Ghost Stories?
October 2016
Ian Hunter
When No Man Was His Own
July-August 2016
Casey Chalk
Camus & Christ at Arlington National Cemetery
June 2016
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Tyranny of the Perverse Will
April 2016
Christopher Gawley
Freedom, But to What End?
January-February 2016
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
The Tears of a Cleric
November 2015
Keith Hopkins
The Crypto-Catholic & the Jansenist
July-August 2015
Mitchell Kalpakgian
The Decisions that Shaped History
June 2015
Kenneth Colston
The Catholic Dramatist in a Protestant Land
December 2014
Mitchell Kalpakgian
The Virtue of Anger & the Sin of Wrath
June 2014
Francis J. Manion
Reading Francis through Manzoni
March 2014
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
“Lust Hard by Hate”
March 2014
Keith Hopkins
On Shakespeare’s Supposed Catholicity
July-August 2013
F. Douglas Kneibert
Martyrdom in Mexico: Graham Greene’s Masterpiece
June 2013
James G. Hanink
Can Beauty Save the World?
June 2013
Matthew Anger
On Gratitude & Growing Up
April 2013
Kenneth Colston
Misreading a Masterpiece
November 2012
Chene Richard Heady
The Optimistic Pessimism of G.K. Chesterton
September 2012
Joseph T. Stuart
Time & Certainty: Jane Austen & René Descartes Have Tea
December 2011
Carl Sundell
Advice to Hell Raisers
June 2011
John Martin
The Third Man & the Third Millennium
May 2011
Christopher Gawley
To Question Authority
January-February 2011
Matthew Anger
Three Victorian Morality Tales
July-August 2010
Tracy Jamison
Flannery O'Connor & the Representation of Mystery
June 2010
Mitchell Kalpakgian
Virtues of the Heart
June 2010
Matthew Anger
The Christian Philosophy of Samuel Johnson
September 2009
Eric Seddon
Fatherhood & Fertility in The Last of the Mohicans
July-August 2009
Ian Rutherford
Harry Potter: Situation Ethics Candy-Coated for Kids
April 2002
S.M. Hutchens
"Mere Christianity" as Merely Protestant
January 2002
Bradley J. Birzer
The Christian Gifts of J.R.R. Tolkien
November 2001
Mitchell Kalpakgian
The Mystery of Goodness in Children's Literature
July-August 2000
New Oxford Notes
From Mere Christianity, To Merest Christianity
January 2000
J. A. Gray
C. S. Lewis: His True Stature in Dispute
May 1999
Robert Coles
The Invisible Man
September 1996
Robert Coles
Endo's Silence
June 1996
Robert Coles
The Bluest Eye
May 1996
Robert Coles
The Heart of the Matter
April 1996
Robert Coles
The Power & the Glory
March 1996
Janet Grayson
The Phenomenon of Robert Hugh Benson
July-August 1995
Mitchell Kalpakgian
We Reap What We Sow
May 1995
Edwin Fussell
Whispering Glades Revisited: No Catholics Allowed
January-February 1995
Charles Hallett
A Twitch Upon the Thread
November 1994
Robert Coles
Ralph Ellison's Angle of Vision
October 1994
Ronald Austin
Walker Percy: The Man & the Movie
October 1993
Glenn N. Schram
A Neo-Thomist's Defense of Democracy
January-February 1993
Will Hoyt
Reading as Sacrament
November 1989
Christopher Lasch
Orestes Brownson’s Christian Radicalism
September 1989
Ed Block Jr.
Milan Kundera, Mario Vargas Llosa, John Berger, Nadine Gordimer & the Realist Novel of Commitment
July-August 1989
Richard Stokes
J.F. Powers’s Comic Art
May 1989
John C. Cort
An Odd Couple: Galbraith & Waugh
April 1989
Robert Coles
Raymond Carver's Heart & Soul
December 1988
Robert Coles
Raymond Carver's Death
November 1988
Robert Coles
Raymond Carver's Dying Chekhov
October 1988
John Lukacs
Tom Wolfe’s Novel and Its Reception as a Significant Historical Event
September 1988
John C. Cort
The Rich & the Miserable
June 1988
James J. Thompson Jr.
Evelyn Waugh & 'The Bright Young Things'
May 1988
Robert Coles
Teaching and Learning, Strutting and Conniving
March 1988
Robert Coles
The Secular Mind I: Determinism
September 1987
Mitch Finley
Why Don't People Read the Spiritual Classics?
September 1987
Robert Coles
Two Tolstoy Stories
July-August 1987
Robert Coles
Tolstoy's Resurrection
June 1987
Robert Coles
Tolstoy's Confession
May 1987
Robert Coles
Tolstoy's Anna Karenina
April 1987

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