C.S. Lewis

David Mills
The Whole House
October 2014
Thomas Storck
C.S. Lewis: Reason vs. Easy Assumptions
November 2002
S.M. Hutchens
"Mere Christianity" as Merely Protestant
January 2002
Bradley J. Birzer
The Christian Gifts of J.R.R. Tolkien
November 2001
Thomas Storck
Is There Such a Thing as "Mere Christianity"?
July-August 2001
Mitchell Kalpakgian
The Mystery of Goodness in Children's Literature
July-August 2000
New Oxford Notes
From Mere Christianity, To Merest Christianity
January 2000
J. A. Gray
C. S. Lewis: His True Stature in Dispute
May 1999
Peter Kreeft
A Trialogue With C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther & Thomas Aquinas
July-August 1994
Sheldon Vanauken
The Best Book Written About C.S. Lewis
December 1988
Christopher Derrick
Some Personal Memories of C.S. Lewis, an Incarnational Man
November 1987

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