The Destruction of Language

John A. Perricone
Is Love Really All You Need?
April 2017
New Oxford Notes
Big Brother North of the Border
November 2016
New Oxford Notes
Giving an Appearance of Solidity to Pure Wind
January-February 2016
Cecilia Huckestein
On the Deconstruction of Language
May 2015
New Oxford Notes
War on Christmas? Never Happened!
January-February 2015
John F. Gaski
Enjoy Christmas -- While It Lasts
December 2014
New Oxford Notes
Big Sister Is Listening to You
July-August 2013
New Oxford Notes
There Goes the Village
November 2012
New Oxford Notes
'I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It'
October 2007
New Oxford Notes
The Filthy Speech Movement
September 2007
New Oxford Notes
"Gay" Priests to Be "Grandfathered"
February 2006
Cliff Price
Parent Is a Noun, Not a Verb
January 2006
New Oxford Notes
Chrismukkah: It's in the Cards
December 2005
F. Douglas Kneibert
"On This Rock I Will Build My Celebration Center"
November 2005
New Oxford Notes
Ms. Goodie Two-Shoes Rhetoric
February 2005
New Oxford Notes
Fuzzy Language Does Not Belong in Vatican Documents
November 2004
New Oxford Notes
A Clever Translation of the Bible
September 2004
New Oxford Notes
Here Come the 'Brights'
April 2004
New Oxford Notes
Berkeley's Linguistic Outlaws
March 2004
F. Douglas Kneibert
Charles Dickens's 'A Happy Holidays Song'
December 2003
Lucy E. Carroll
Ev'ry Knee Shall Lock
September 2003
New Oxford Notes
"I'm Afraid of What People Will Think..."
June 2003
New Oxford Notes
It's Time for Another Free Speech Movement
April 2003
Lisa Lavadores
The Weaker Sex
February 2003
New Oxford Notes
Oh, to Be a Victim!
January 2003
Alice von Hildebrand
What's "Offensive" & What's Not
November 2002
New Oxford Notes
Lumps, Bumps & Meditation
October 2002
Brent T. Zeringue
Excerpts from The Dictionary of Diversity
September 2002
New Oxford Notes
Spreading the Disease
June 2002
New Oxford Notes
The Linguistic Minefield
January 2002
Dale Vree
Designer Bibles
December 2001
New Oxford Notes
Jesus Found Guilty of Hate Speech
November 2001
New Oxford Notes
"Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones, But...
May 2001
New Oxford Notes
"Crime Must Not Go Unpunished" - Or Was That "Unpaid"?
March 2001
New Oxford Notes
Fetch Your Pooper-Scooper!
January 2001
New Oxford Notes
From Butchered English To Butchered Theology
September 2000
New Oxford Notes
Fanfare for the Not-So-Common Humanoid
July-August 2000
New Oxford Notes
Our Vast Pudding, Who Art in Heaven, Muddled Be Thy Name...
February 2000
New Oxford Notes
Zorro & Bathsheba
September 1999
New Oxford Notes
The Dumbbell Feminese Dialect
July-August 1999
New Oxford Notes
Shack-Ups & Shakedowns on Campus
July-August 1999
William Brennan
Anti-Fetal Rhetoric: America's Best-Loved Hate Speech
May 1999
Roy Barkley
The Decadence of the Feminese Dialect
February 1999
Peter M.J. Stravinskas
Lessons to Be Learned From the Ecclesiastical Battle Over "Inclusive Language"
February 1998
Dale Vree
The Intolerant Ideology of Tolerance
January 1998
Brian Kurzhal
You're an "Unborn Baby" if She Wants You, a "Terminated Fetus" if She Doesn't
October 1997
Kenneth D. Whitehead
"Inclusive Language": Is It Necessary?
March 1997
Kristen West McGuire
A Case Against "Inclusive Language"
January-February 1997
Terence Ball
What's Wrong With 'Values'
May 1996
John Warwick Montgomery
Jesus in the Dictionary
January-February 1994
Germain Grisez
Lying & Other Deceptions in Communications Are Always Wrong
October 1990
Michael Nelson
The Words of God
December 1989

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