Jesus Seminar & the "Historical Jesus"

Hurd Baruch
The Crisis in Biblical Scholarship
December 2014
Maria Hsia Chang
Finding the Christ in His Apostles
December 2013
Andrew M. Seddon
If Only the Anglicans Had Listened
June 2010
Philip Blosser
The Kasper-Ratzinger Debate & The State of the Church
April 2002
William T. Galey
The Jesus Seminar: Making Uncomplicated Things Complicated
November 2000
Andrea Burman
Bejesus Seminar Discovers New Gospel in Desert, Common Sand & Call to Faction Supporters Jubilant
March 1998
William T. Galey
The Shaky Foundations of the Jesus Seminar
September 1997
Adam Brooke Davis
The Ineffectual Jesus of the Jesus Seminar
July-August 1996
Bernard D. Green
The Gnostic Temptation in the Catholic Church
September 1994
John Warwick Montgomery
On the Reliability of the Four Gospels
May 1994
John Warwick Montgomery
Did Jesus Exist?
May 1993

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