Ecumenism and Ecumania

Peter Kreeft
A Trialogue With C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther & Thomas Aquinas
December 2017
Timothy D. Lusch
A Year of Magical Thinking
November 2016
New Oxford Notes
Francis & the Lutherans: Intercommunion Confusion
January-February 2016
David Mills
The Perils of Ecumenical Straight-Talk
May 2015
David Mills
The Whole House
October 2014
New Oxford Notes
On Reunion Between East & West
June 2008
New Oxford Notes
A Striking Rejection of Magisterial Teaching?
July-August 2004
New Oxford Notes
Some Ecumenical Straight-Talk
May 2004
David Mills
The Catch-22 of Ecumenical Relations With Evangelicals
November 2002
New Oxford Notes
Zen Ecumenism
July-August 2002
Ronald Austin
God Is Dead but Woody Allen Lives?
October 1989
Paul van K. Thomson
On Ecumenism & the Amazing Unity of Catholics
November 1988

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