Conversion Stories

Casey Chalk
Saving Pop
January-February 2018
Ralph Frasca
The Truth About Claude Newman
October 2015
Clara Sarrocco
Newman in Italy: From Tourist to Pilgrim
December 2014
David Mills
The Whole House
October 2014
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
From Murderer to Monk
June 2013
Clement Anthony Mulloy
The Forgotten Martyr
December 2012
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
From the Thames to the Tiber
September 2011
Taylor Marshall
The Rhone to the Thames to the Tiber
January-February 2011
New Oxford Notes
The Extraordinary Ordinariate
January-February 2011
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Chesterton's Journey to Orthodoxy
November 2010
David Mills
The Anatomy of Conversion
April 2010
Abbot Joseph
My (Somewhat Crooked) Path to the Monastery
March 2010
New Oxford Notes
Lifeboats on the Tiber
December 2009
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Mohawk Virgin
May 2007
Michael Larson
From Protestantism to Catholicism, From the Novus Ordo Mass to the Tridentine Latin Mass
May 2007
Dale Vree
Liturgical Majesty & Solemnity
May 2007
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Goodbye, Proud World, I'm Going Home
June 2005
Dale Vree
The Lure of Beauty
February 2004
Chrysostom Frank
Not-So-Blessed Martin
April 2003
David Mills
Roman Fever
January 2003
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Unspinning Newman
May 2002
Mitchell Kalpakgian
St. Monica: Mother, Wife & Homemaker as Saint
February 2002
John C. Chalberg
Adventure Stories
February 2001
Jeff Morrow
A Spiritual Journey from Jerusalem to Rome
September 2000
Art & Larraine Bennett
Conversion & the Psychology of Change
November 1999
John-Peter Pham
Converting the Pagans
February 1999
William J. Tighe
From Evangelical Anglican to Catholic
January 1999
Andrew McCracken
The Long Conversion of Oscar Wilde
September 1998
Thomas Basil
Why Attila the Hun Would Have Sacked a Protestant Rome
June 1998
Thomas Storck
Into Peter's Barque
March 1998
Bobby Jindal
Reflections of a Seven-Year-Old Catholic
February 1998
Francis E. King
Does God Want Everybody to Be Catholic?
January 1998
Kimberley Manning
My Road from Gender Feminism to Catholicism
September 1996
Kenneth J. Howell
The New Surge of Converts to Rome from Protestantism
March 1996
Linda Dickey
On Growing Up Jewish & Becoming Catholic
March 1996
Dale Vree
Building a Fine Fire in the Fireplace
September 1995
Christopher T. Dodson
Black Elk: Native American & Catholic
April 1995
Avery Dulles
The Lure of Catholicism
March 1995
Dale Vree
Does It Take an Immigrant to Explain It to the Natives?
July-August 1994
David Denton
The Drama of the Oxford Movement
April 1994
Rawley Myers
A Good Friday Convert
April 1992
David Hartman
Orestes Explains It All for You
March 1992
David Hartman
Not Love in the Shallows
December 1991
Bryant Burroughs
The Discomforts of Rome
September 1991
James Prothero
Discovering Catholicism
March 1990
John C. Cort
An Odd Couple: Galbraith & Waugh
April 1989
Paul van K. Thomson
On Ecumenism & the Amazing Unity of Catholics
November 1988
James J. Thompson Jr.
Evelyn Waugh & 'The Bright Young Things'
May 1988
Dan O'Neill
My Labyrinthine Quest for a Foundation on Which to Stand
May 1988
Cherry Boone O'Neill
The Family Reunion
May 1988
Raymond T. Gawronski, S.J.
Heading Home to Love, Suffering, and Mercy
April 1988
James J. Thompson Jr.
Out of the Briar Patches of Divorce, Remarriage, and Annulment
April 1988
L. Brent Bozell
The New Catholic: Quo Vadis?
March 1988
Steffen Richards
Lay Vocation
December 1987
John C. Cort
Discovering the Church in Harvard Yard
November 1987
Dale Vree
In the Footsteps of John Henry Newman
May 1987
Peter E. Gillquist
Eating My Words: From Campus Crusade for Christ to Eastern Orthodoxy
May 1987
Thomas W. Case
Gracious Sensibility, Ruthless Self-Examination
January-February 1987

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