Transgenderism, Effeminacy & Conflation of the Sexes

New Oxford Notes
They’re Coming for Our Children
April 2018
New Oxford Notes
All That You Can Be
June 2017
New Oxford Notes
A Sign of Self-Contradiction
December 2016
New Oxford Notes
Big Brother North of the Border
November 2016
New Oxford Notes
Breaking the Bathroom Barrier: A Civil-Rights Imperative?
July-August 2016
Justin Paulette
Are There Male & Female Virtues?
May 2014
New Oxford Notes
Wise Advice From a Vocations Director
October 2006
Patrick Rooney
A Man of Courage
October 2005
Michael L. Hearing
Effeminate Tolerance
January 2005
New Oxford Notes
Our Testosterone-Depleted Church
October 2004
Michael S. Rose
Effeminacy in the Service Of Capitalism
July-August 2004
New Oxford Notes
Pacifying Men & Boys
September 2001
New Oxford Notes
Breeding Sissies
April 2001

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