F. Douglas Kneibert
A Pro-Life Pivot?
September 2018
Alexandra Wilson
Infinity War: A Call to Action
July-August 2018
New Oxford Notes
Are We Winning?
March 2018
New Oxford Notes
Pro-lifers, You’ve Been Played
January-February 2018
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Kermit Gosnell in the Cone of Silence
January-February 2018
New Oxford Notes
The Femi-Swedes’ Hijab Détente
April 2017
New Oxford Notes
Isn’t It Ironic?
March 2017
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Planned Parenthood: Seventy Years of Defying the Law
October 2016
New Oxford Notes
Pope Francis Doesn’t Need Your Applause
November 2015
New Oxford Notes
What Goes on Inside the Clinic
October 2015
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Consumed by Zeal for the Culture of Death
September 2015
Richard Anderson
How the Pro-Life Movement Became Warm & Cuddly
April 2015
New Oxford Notes
Eugenics in the USA: Black Life, White Justice
January-February 2015
Alvaro Delgado
Scenes from Ground Zero of the Abortion Holocaust
January-February 2015
Joseph E. Kincaid
My Catholic Hospital’s Cooperation with Evil
June 2014
New Oxford Notes
The Prayers of Moloch’s Modern Priestesses
March 2014
Judie Brown
The Modern-Day Little Shop of Horrors
January 2014
Monica Migliorino Miller
Graphic Images: An Apologia
September 2013
Mary McWay Seaman
Advocating for the Innocent in an Abnormal World
April 2013
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Exposed: The Emperor Has No Clothes
March 2013
Andrew M. Seddon
Bumping Off Baby
January-February 2013
James G. Hanink
Are All Human Beings Persons?
March 2012
Edmund B. Miller
Abortion & the Creed of Progress
January-February 2012
James M. Thunder
The Rise of the Abortion Party
November 2010
New Oxford Notes
The Devil Laughs When Children Die
June 2010
Regis Scanlon
Abortion Referrals at Catholic Hospitals
October 2009
Judie Brown
Toward a Personhood Amendment
February 2009
New Oxford Notes
What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate (Catholic Teaching)
January 2009
New Oxford Notes
Where Do We Go From Here?
January 2009
Raymond W. Belair
Everyone Knows That!
December 2008
New Oxford Notes
Life, Precious & Precarious
November 2008
Dan Flaherty
As Boston Goes, So Goes the Nation
November 2008
New Oxford Notes
A Lesson From the Past
November 2008
New Oxford Notes
Muddier Waters
May 2008
New Oxford Notes
Wonderful Are Your Works
May 2008
New Oxford Notes
A Perplexing Political Potpourri
February 2008
Michael Hichborn
Dissecting the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
July-August 2007
New Oxford Notes
We Are Grateful That Partial-Birth Abortion Has Been Outlawed, But...
June 2007
New Oxford Notes
Not in the Limelight
January 2007
New Oxford Notes
Pro-Abortion & Anti-War?
January 2007
Frederick N. Dyer
The Physicians' Crusade Against Abortion
November 2006
New Oxford Notes
No Situation Justifies Taking The Life of a Baby in the Womb
November 2006
New Oxford Notes
How to Eliminate the Poor
October 2006
Andy Nowicki
Abortion & Muslim Terrorism
May 2006
Timothy P. Collins
The Person & the Court
April 2006
Dale Vree
Another Dud
March 2006
Ron Galloy
A Prolife Semantics Guide
February 2006
New Oxford Notes
The Exception Proves the Rule
December 2005
New Oxford Notes
The Miers Disaster
December 2005
Richard Stith
Abortion Is More Than 'Murder'
November 2005
New Oxford Notes
When Will Prolifers Wise Up?
November 2005
New Oxford Notes
Here Come the Catholic Cheerleaders
October 2005
New Oxford Notes
When It Comes to Abortion, Rationality Goes Out the Window
February 2005
Daniel J. Rabil
Her Mamas Were Prolife
September 2004
Philip Reed Moran
Abortion & the Golden Rule
June 2004
Geoffrey Henderson
The Wages of Roe v. Wade
January 2004
George D. Mullen
A Purely Secular Argument Against Abortion
November 2002
Eugene Hoyas
A Brief, Air-Tight Argument Against Abortion
September 2001
New Oxford Notes
Opposed to Abortion, But...
July-August 2001
Joseph Collison
Abortion in America: Legal & Unsafe
June 2000
New Oxford Notes
Unwanted Children? Disposable as Last Sunday's Paper
March 2000
Joseph Collison
From Abortion to Family Breakdown & Child Abuse
January 2000
New Oxford Notes
News Too Good to Be True
October 1999
Raymond B. Marcin
The Bishops' New Statement on Abortion
May 1999
William Brennan
Anti-Fetal Rhetoric: America's Best-Loved Hate Speech
May 1999
W.A. Borst
Ritualizing Abortion
March 1999
Benjamin D. Wiker
The Looming Civil War Over Abortion
February 1999
Preston Jones
When Abortion Discriminates
November 1998
Carol Crossed
A Woman's 'Right to Choose' Is a Woman's Right to Lose
June 1998
Brian Kurzhal
You're an "Unborn Baby" if She Wants You, a "Terminated Fetus" if She Doesn't
October 1997
Juli Loesch Wiley
Time to Communicate What Catholicism Is & Is Not
July-August 1996
Luis R. Gamez
The Rose vs. the Venus Fly-Trap
March 1996
William Brennan
What the Holocaust & Abortion Have in Common
November 1995
Patricia Wesley
Trapped In the Rhetoric of 'Choice'
October 1995
Laura Garcia
A "Pro-Choicer's" Explicit No to Life
March 1995
Robert Coles
Raymond Carver's Heart & Soul
December 1988
Michael Gallagher
Joan Andrews's Stubborn Challenge to Prolifers
September 1988
Edmund B. Miller
Times Square Journal: If 'My Body Is My Own,' Why Not Sell It?
July-August 1988
Gary Crum
Fundamentalists and Abortion
July-August 1988
Edmund B. Miller
The Extinction of the Human Race Has Already Begun
March 1988
John R. Vile
Should a Pregnant Woman Be Executed?
January-February 1988
Michael Pakaluk
Consistently Pro-Choice
March 1987

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