Confronting Sexual Immorality

December 1999By Anthony Zimmerman

Fr. Anthony Zimmerman, STD, is retired Professor of Moral Theology at Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan. His book Evolution and the Sin in Eden was published by the University Press of America in 1998, and a companion volume entitled The Primeval Revelation in Myths and in Genesis is due to appear from the same publisher in 1999.

If we don’t head off the contraception stampede, civil life will become increasingly chaotic. There is more sinister malice in massive contraception than at first meets the eye. The ban on contraception is the solid and indispensable pillar on which family life balances itself. Family life, in turn, is the matrix for civilizing the next generation. The willful promotion of contraception is a crime of treason against the commonwealth. Natural Family Planning is nature’s way and God’s way to heal families and nations. The Jubilee Year 2000 is an appropriate time to inaugurate the transit from contraception to NFP.

It was only a few decades ago, in the 1960s, that contraceptive drugs and gadgetry became Big Business. The bomb that exploded the dam against contraception was the Pill. Once the Pill became fashionable within marriage, it did not take long before recreational sex (before marriage and outside of marriage) began to soften the solid social structure of marriage and family life.

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When I came to USA in 1979 from a foreign country, and worked at Silicon Valley at a Defence contractor company, which therefore use MIL [military?] standards, I was awed by precisions involved in measurement of separate parts that are assembled together. It's called tolerancing. []. And, of course, the micros and the gigas, and whatever are the latest more-precise measurenmts are lately. And people inclined towards secular scientism tend to carry that, together with other technological progress, with intellectual pride, reasonably or excessively.
Over the years, as I pondered more about life in general and was unconsciously journeying towards the Catholic Church, >> I did belong to a small Christian denomination associated with the Anglican Confession where the mass rituals and liturgy were almost identical to those of the Catholic Tridentine Mass, but was not aware of the Church Militant on earth aspect of the Catholic Church << I started to contemplate that if man, a tiny-tiny creation of God, can attain such precision, how much more indeed is God's divine precision in creating man, himself?
So I started to privately coin a phrase, "The Divine Precision of God's Love', or simply "Divine Precision of Love". Little did I realize that indeed, God's exercise of Mercy and Justice is based on supernatural precision. Perhaps that's why we sometimes hear the stories that even the angels are sometimes puzzled, surprised and awed by certain actions of God that their superb angelic intellect did not anticipate nor fathom.
This great essay of Fr. Anthony Zimmerman illustrates, but hardly exhaust, the Creator's precision in everything - natural and supernatural - from His laws written in our human hearts to the design of the human body, both male and female, and its 'interphase' with the soul, even to the dispensation of His wisdom among different tribes and races, waiting to be incorpoated into His Mystical Body as He journeys in human history.
Glory be to God in the Highest heavens!
+ + +
Side issue: If this was written and published back in 1999, why are the political luminaries of America [and the behind-the-scene social engineers with seemingly bottomless resources] not seeing the light, still? Indeed, as God did with the pharaoh, He must be hardening their hearts according to His uncreated wisdom.
Posted by: humblesoldier2
April 25, 2011 01:29 PM EDT
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