The Realm of Faith, Continued

December 2010By Douglass H. Bartley

Douglass H. Bartley of Ely, Minnesota, a former judge, is the author of a treatise on the Constitution, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner’s Inquest and Report, the first parts of which have been published on his blog, “Pastoral Republican,” found at http://douglassbartley.wordpress.com/. Epistle 3, “The Realm of Faith,” appeared in the September issue of the NOR.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be condemned. — Mark 16:16

The Sermon on the Mount…is meant to inspire us with an active principle of charity which ought to make obligations and prohibitions unnecessary to us….— Ronald Knox

It is sometimes spoken of as a hardship that a Catholic is not allowed to inquire into the truth of his Creed; — of course he cannot, if he would retain the name of believer. He cannot be both inside and outside of the Church at once. It is merely common sense to tell him that, if he is seeking, he has not found. If seeking includes doubting, and doubting excludes believing, then the Catholic who sets about inquiring, thereby declares that he is not a Catholic. He has already lost faith.— John Henry Newman


“Words are like leaves, and where they most abound,
Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.”1
The aim below, ’tis my wish and my hope:
Comply with the decree of Master Pope,
And squander not words, nor waste precious time,
And blight not Doctrine put to verse and rhyme.
For Canons ought not the foolish to bear.
So, please God, as I write this prayer,
Give content, balance, junction to each part,
And let faith be enhanc’d by reason’s art.

Recap of Epistle 3: The Realm of Faith (First Part)

Faith evidences things appearing not;
It goes forth caring not for the world’s lot.
It craves not to espy the journey’s end,
And it does not to measures of chance bend.

The Apostle’s Creed

In God, Almighty Father, I believe,
Creator Heaven and the Earth I cleave.
And Jesus Christ, His only Son, Logos,
Became incarnate by the Holy Ghost.
To blessed Virgin Mary He was born,
And under Pontius Pilate crown’d with thorn.

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