Terrorizing the Innocent

November 2005By Joe Wall

Joe Wall is a veteran of World War II, and is now retired. He writes: "I have a close personal interest in this since my older brother, Eddie, had been a B-17 combat crewman in the 95th Bomb Group that led the October 10, 1943, attack on the city and the people of Münster, Germany. He did not take part in this mission, having completed his required 25 missions on September 27. He was one of the 23 percent of all those who had flown over Germany via England with him the previous April to survive combat. My brother told me a number of times that all his targets were strictly military ones. He was a soldier and a brave one (two Distinguished Flying Crosses and five Air Medals), not a murderer of women and children. Partly as a result of his example, I enlisted in the Army Air Force Combat Crew Training Program in September 1944, just a couple of months past my 17th birthday." This article is adapted with permission from the November 2000 issue of Voices for the Unborn (P.O. Box 617, Feasterville PA 19053; 215-355-5292;

How did we get here, anyway? "Here" being defined as the present sad -- no, the dreadful -- state of our country, of these United States. All we need do is look around to see how low America has sunk, morally, spiritually, politically, in every way, except materially.

Those of us who have attained the status of what is now called "senior citizen" can recall a far different time when most of the manifest evils of our time -- abortion, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, drug addiction, pornography, political corruption -- were, if not completely absent, at least known to be evil, and so were vigorously fought by individual citizens, by civic groups, and by the various levels of government.

Today these hideous sins have not only become an integral part of our national life and culture but are defended and upheld by those who formerly fought against them. Indeed, people, such as prolifers, who still fight against them, are subject to arrests, beatings, and imprisonment.

How did the American people come to make this almost complete turnaround from those beliefs they had so firmly held, a scant half-century before?

There is an emerging body of literature that endeavors to explain this phenomenon; to supply reasons as to why it occurred, delving back into history for answers.

However, so far as I know, no one has considered the rejection, during World War II by the U.S. government and its military high command, of the Universal Moral Law in order to achieve certain pragmatic political goals (i.e., to win the war). Once this bill of goods (that you could ignore the Universal Moral Law to achieve your ends) was sold to the American people, it became increasingly easier for them to justify the acceptance of other manifestly evil policies.

Thus, we now have abortion, justified for all sorts of pragmatic reasons. The same is also true of homosexuality, promiscuity, divorce, drugs, etc. Once the principle is adopted that you can ignore the Universal Moral Law for pragmatic reasons, the door is wide open for all types of evils to enter. And, as we can see by simply reading the daily newspaper, from looking at the television, listening to the radio, this is exactly what has happened.

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It is difficult to read into the minds of those who fought some 50 years ago or to believe, without question, what some remember. What we called accuracy in bombing back then is hardly what we, today, would call accuracy. Fear and ignorance are strong motivators and we were a somewhat naive people back then.
So we are to believe that our journey down the immoral slippery slope is the fault of our WWII military? OK, you said it was the start. I think there are a lot of people and institutions, including our beloved Catholic Church and its leaders, that have a lot of complicity in this delema. They were not under duress or about to be taken over by the Nazis. We have succumed to a materialistic society and accepted the PC garbage with no absolutes and principles. Beginning with not dwelling on who are at fault, perhaps, those who still care need to start resisting inappropriate behavior and such things that contribute to this slide and begin insisting on moral principles and behavior. One need only look at what is going on in our school systems or look at what we see in Jesuit institutions that were once the intellecual backbone of the Church.
Posted by: wunsch
October 01, 2007 12:21 PM EDT
Well every war involves the darker side. This is why those who have had to fight always refer to it as an evil. It is odd if I recall my reading, that the Brits started the bombing of non-military targets in answer to Hitler's doing so even though it had only stiffened British resolve. A study after the war indicated that the bombing of German civilians had an other than intended affect.
I guess when Lee went into Pennsylvania he should of let his boys rape and burn since the Yankee arsonists had...But he didn't.
Posted by: martillo
October 01, 2007 10:57 PM EDT
Martillo you have your facts wrong. The Germans were not the first to bomb British cities. One plane, lost in the fog, had dropped a couple of bombs over London, for which the German pilots were court marshalled for their carelessness. The purposeful policy of killing women in their beds was of British invention. Interesting that a Catholic city, Munster, was tergeted. Dresden and Hiroshima were also Catholic cities. Posted by: mulligan
April 14, 2008 09:23 AM EDT
Mulligan: While I do not argue with the strict citation of fact I believe that after Sept. 7th during the Battle of Britain the Luftwaffe began to target cities and towns. And this was used as justification for war on the German populace on the part of RAF bomber command. Perhaps other readers more knowledgeable could shed more light as to propaganda vs reality of the war. Posted by: martillo
April 20, 2008 02:04 PM EDT
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