The Big Bucks Behind the Gay Agenda

October 2012By F. Douglas Kneibert

F. Douglas Kneibert, a retired newspaper editor and a convert from Protestantism, is a former vice chairman of the board of directors of the Vitae Foundation, which uses the mass media to promote a culture of life.

As was the case in the two world wars of the twentieth century, the current culture war is being fought on several fronts. This year a new front opened up that we never thought we’d see in America — the religious freedom front, where the combatants are the Catholic Church and the federal government.

The “culture war” can be variously defined depending in part on one’s perspective and priorities, and the word culture is rich with meaning. One definition speaks of the development of “the intellectual and moral faculties,” and the “integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior” that defines a civilization. This gives us some insight into what the culture war is all about.

To progressives on the left, it’s not a war at all but simply an inevitable evolutionary process that is encountering opposition from the paranoid forces of reaction. To traditionalists on the right, however, it’s a multifaceted assault on the very foundations of society.

Bl. John Paul II didn’t use the expression, but he defined the stakes in the culture war with his customary precision in his 1994 book Crossing the Threshold of Hope. “Against the spirit of the world,” the Holy Father wrote, “the Church takes up anew each day a struggle that is none other than the struggle for the world’s soul.”

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I attend Holy Mass at two Parishes. One is in Irvine with beautiful church and affluent people,
one is in Tustin which is smaller and poorer. The homoly in Tustin parish is clear and concise message about samesex marriage is wrong, the other one has water-down message.Just wondering what is going on?
Posted by: Peter Tran, Irvine, CA
October 13, 2012 07:35 PM EDT
Gay fascism is what it really is. Same with what I call the pink ribbon of shame. Breast cancer fundraising that is a political money laundering machine instead that goes to abortion mills that serve underage girls and helps pimp them out, too. Odd thing is that Marxists, socialists, Communists -- whatever name you choose to use, tell us how dreadfully powerful corporations are and how Marxism defeated and saved us fascism when the Marxists are the perpetrators of state-controlled socioeconomic policy that results in poverty, despair and depotism everywhere and every time it's tried.

Gay politics is just a current means of dividing people for the purpose of creating totalitarian control. Ironically, perhaps fittingly, homosexuals will be among the first to feel real oppression once the current power structure takes iron-clad control. The socialists are no friends of the sodomists, gays are just being used as convenient troublemakers and shakedown artists for the time being.
Posted by: j17ghs
November 02, 2012 11:49 AM EDT
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