The Cult of Liberalism?

October 2000By Wayne Lela

Wayne Lela is a member of the Committee on Family and Social Health, a group of writers and activists in the Chicago area. Copyright © 2000 Wayne Lela.

The following are disturbing phenomena characteristic of modern liberalism: Intolerant speech codes on college campuses (i.e., politically correct restrictions on free speech or, in a word, censorship); "hate crime" legislation (i.e., mind-control legislation that penalizes politically incorrect thoughts and feelings); the abuse of psychiatry (e.g., the unscientific elimination of homosexuality from the professionally recognized catalog of mental disorders and the ominous use of the pathologically-sounding term "homophobe" to stigmatize people who are morally opposed to homosexual activity); antagonism to free association (e.g., attempts to coerce organizations like the Boy Scouts to admit homosexuals).

Like other political movements that started out with seemingly good intentions but veered into totalitarianism (e.g., Communism), it appears that modern liberalism is following the same path. Power can be a corrupting influence, and as liberalism has become more powerful, it has become more corrupt. Seemingly out of control, liberalism, having been hijacked by wayward special-interest groups, is careening down a road that leads nowhere. It is still possible, however, to hope that liberalism will find its way back, since most liberals are not totalitarian and should eventually exercise a corrective influence on liberalism's current Kommissars.

We can help speed that corrective process along by tirelessly exposing the excesses, errors, and evils of the liberal elite. Here are a few comparatively overlooked but very serious examples.

Numerous doctors, therapists, and researchers over the years have documented the fact that many homosexuals were sexually abused when young.1 Indeed, there are so many more cases of sexual abuse than there are cases of homosexuality that sexual abuse can theoretically account for every case of homosexuality.

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I read with an increasing sense of incredulity what can only be chacracterized as a polemic against liberalism using debunked and biased research. Mr. Lela used an Ann Coulter model for his article that should more truthfully be titled "I Hate Liberals." Posted by: Donald True
February 11, 2013 12:08 PM EST
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