The Demon of Child Sacrifice & the Valley of Slaughter

June 2010By Thomas J. Euteneuer

The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer is president of Virginia-based Human Life International, which has affiliates and partners in 87 countries around the world. A trained exorcist, Fr. Euteneuer has been authorized to perform the ancient rite in several dioceses in the U.S.

Those who are uncomfortable with the thought and talk of demons have a decision to make: Remain in the dark and ignore a basic teaching of the Church regarding spiritual warfare or open your eyes and join the rest of us in the fight against the demons who are working evil in our midst. One such wicked work is the dirty business of abortion. No human activity glorifies Satan and his minions more than abortion.

Abortion is fundamentally a business — a business based on a perverse concept of human rights. Abortion is a commodity cleverly marketed to women under the ideological rubric of "free choice" that draws in huge profits from the deaths of innocents. The abortion industry is a profit-driven, raw killing machine. The enormous amount of cash it generates is the "lifeblood" that perpetuates its existence.

The spiritual dimension of this grisly business, however, is its systematizing of ritual blood sacrifice to the god of child murder who, in the Old Testament, is called Moloch. This demon of child sacrifice appears in many forms and cultures throughout history — Phoenician, Carthaginian, Canaanite, Celtic, Indian, Aztec, and others — but it is always the same bloodthirsty beast that demands the killing of children as a form of worship. This demon seeks public endorsement and ever new expressions of killing to increase its "worship." In some of the ancient forms of these evil practices, huge drums were beaten beside the places of sacrifice as the rituals proceeded. These drums were used to drown out the screams of the victims who were being sacrificed on the altars.

The practice of child sacrifice was universally condemned as an abomination by the prophets of the Old Testament. Ezekiel said to the people of Israel: "The sons and daughters you had borne me you took and offered as sacrifices to be devoured by them [false gods]! Was it not enough for you to play the harlot? You slaughtered and immolated my children to them, making them pass through fire" (16:20-21). Jeremiah was equally unequivocal in his opposition to this evil: "They have built high places to Baal [Moloch] to immolate their sons in fire as holocausts...such a thing as I never commanded nor spoke of.... Therefore, the days will come when this place will no longer be called Topheth, or the valley of the son of Hinnom, but rather, the valley of Slaughter" (19:5-6). It is interesting to note that the Hebrew word for "valley" is ge, and so the name "Valley of Hinnom" is ge-hinnom, whence we derive the word "Gehenna."

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I was horrified at the "spiritual journey" quote and went in search of more information--hoping perhaps that the original was archived at But I didn't have to go that far.

It is still available at he following link (for how long, who knows) in an article about what abortion could be like in the future, in "a utopian world where each of us constructs how we would like abortion".

Samples of utopian abortions would include, in their world: The Lunch Hour Special, The Family Package, Deluxe Spa Treatment and others in addition to the Spiritual Journey.

This is not a tongue in cheek article.

Posted by: mscontrary
June 09, 2010 12:02 PM EDT
The inadvertent worship of the god Moloch by women justifying aborting their own children may bring about changes in their behaviour that I have noticed in my psychiatry practice. They may develop a hard-heartedness and lose the ability to see an issue from a child’s point of view. And without being aware of what they’re saying, they may use death threats to discipline their surviving children - “I’ll throttle you, I’ll knock your block off” etc.

Sometimes the child born after the aborted one develops a deadly perfectionism that may be manifested as anorexia nervosa. It is as though the family ethos is that if a child may represent a burden on the parents, the child has no right to exist.
Posted by: wwilkie
June 10, 2010 06:35 PM EDT
I enjoy Fr. Euteneuer's perspective and knowledge and his ability to put it all on paper. I thank NOR for adding him to the roster of contributors.

The full extent of my topic is off-subject but I want to mention it nonetheless. I do take exception to "the baby is sacrificed by his own mother and father, who pay an executioner to perform the ritual." Women often inform men of an abortion only after the fact and sometimes not at all until a mutual acquaintance years later makes it known.

Popular culture never mentions the devastation, lifelong in some cases, that men undergo due to a woman's independent decision to kill his yet-unborn child. I know many men to whom this has happened.

It seems that abortion is presented only as a positive to men who are freed of having to raise and support a child. I know of no single state that allows a man to have prior knowledge of a woman's decision to have an abortion, and certainly none with laws requiring the consent of both parties.

In summary, abortion and the population decline among Western civilization is a good thing for our enemies (whom I define under the umbrella term of Marxists). Otherwise, they would have women barefoot and pregnant.
Posted by: j17ghs
June 24, 2010 05:23 PM EDT
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