Finding the Truth in a Narrative of Lies

May 2012By Kenneth D. Whitehead

Kenneth D. Whitehead was an Assistant Secretary of Education in the Reagan administration. In retirement he now works as a writer, editor, and translator in Falls Church, Virginia. His latest book is Affirming Religious Freedom: How Vatican Council II Developed the Church’s Teaching to Meet Today’s Needs (St. Paul’s/Alba House, 2010).

One of the most remarkable features of the current crisis unleashed by the Obama administration’s “contraception mandate” is the degree to which its proponents, largely echoed by the mainstream media, have been able to present the issue as primarily one of “women’s access to essential healthcare services.” As nearly everybody knows, though many somehow find it convenient not to bring up, what the mandate requires is that nearly all employers must henceforth provide health insurance that fully covers all FDA-approved methods of birth prevention without fees, deductibles, or co-payments by the insured.

This basic requirement of the mandate is regularly passed over in public discussions, while emphasis is placed on the supposed “right” of all women to gratis birth-prevention services. Meanwhile, the claim that nobody should be forced by law to pay for methods and procedures believed on religious grounds to be immoral is accorded decidedly secondary status, if it is conceded to have any validity at all. After all, it was the prestigious National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine that determined that all FDA-approved methods of birth prevention should be included among the “preventive services” for women authorized by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as “Obamacare.”

Proponents of the mandate wonder what the problem is. After all, churches and houses of worship are specifically exempted from the mandate. When Catholic bishops pointed out that the so-called religious exemption is so narrowly defined as to be virtually meaningless, President Obama offered an “accommodation” to religiously affiliated organizations to the effect that the required “preventive services” would be supplied directly by insurance companies and would therefore not have to be paid for by the organizations themselves. So, what’s the problem? Abortion is supposedly excluded since the Hyde Amendment forbidding federal dollars for that purpose remains in place.

Therefore, it is asserted, to allow significant conscientious objection to the mandate would mean allowing employers to block access not only to prevention services to which everyone is now considered entitled, but also to other services such as maternity care, mammograms, cancer screening, etc. Nobody has a right, it is thought, to deny these services to anyone.

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The 54% of Catholic voters who initially installed Obama in 2008 has not dwindled all that much. Latest polls indicate that 51% still support the evil henchman.

The political atmosphere out in the streets gives no clear indication, either, that the tide has turned or is even in the process of turning.

Some bishops within the USCCB ranks have already begun to waffle and emit ambiguous double-speak conciliatory to the current administration. The same, foggy "Catholic" voter's guide is stacked at the church exits reiterating the "seamless garment" approach--as opposed to a hierarchical moral values stance--on the critical issues at hand.

I recently spoke with a 60-ish year-old woman in the confessional line a few Saturdays ago. She was as adamant in her support of Obama's HHS Mandate as she was vociferously opposed to the Church's teaching on the matter.

The bishops have a lot of work to do, work that has been almost wholly neglected for the past 40 to 50 years. It is work involving Catholic moral teaching on human sexuality, particularly concerning the grave evil of artificial contraception. They have not done their work, and still neglect it, choosing instead to rise under the banner of "religious liberty".

Needless to say, I do not share the author's unfounded optimism.
Posted by: pataburd
May 14, 2012 02:46 PM EDT
Let us begin with the "Truth" .The object of the intellect is truth and justice. Wisdom consists in the knowledge and in the application of truth universally. Natural laws of man may be subdivided into 3 kinds ,after the threefold nature of his functions: vegetative ,intellectual and moral.The vegetative laws of man , having for their objects respectively ( the preservation of the individual and the preservation of the species. The Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2468 " Truth as uprightness in human action and speech is call truthfulness,sincerity or candor.Truth or truthfulness is the virtue which consists in showing oneself true in deeds and truthful in words,and in guarding against duplicity,dissimulation,and hypocrisy". To act in accordance with virtue is simply to act,live,and preserve one's being ( virtues are: prudence,justice,fortitude,temperance,generosity,and Charity) The three faculties of the soul ( the mind, the heart- understanding, and the will - law) is a representation reflection of the three paths of the Abstract Notion of the ONE-personification Being - for Self. ONE is the Truth,the Good,and the Beautiful. One of the distinct definition of Nature , the First Cause personified ,and be considered as synonymous with God or Creator. Man's intellectual law - Intelligence ,designates a personified principle which knows, used to signify the functions collectively which have place with consciousness.
Logically life is the concept itself ( the ego, the identity of the self- conscious subject) embodied in being and reflecting into itself in it's awareness of it's other, as essence. The logical idea of life is not one derived from psychology or anthropology,even though these sciences are presupposed by logic.By these empirical sciences life is studied as an external object presented for observation.
The present political upheaval is not about TRUTH ,it is about Sin.which is not an object of our Intellect, ( See Catechism of the Catholic Church on Sin # 1868)
The mind is the life principle itself; the function of the mind - is the complex of cognitive faculties that ables consciousness ,thinking, reasoning, perception, and judgment.
The Cerebral Cortex- has a critical role in the abilities and activities that reach their highest level of development in humans.obvious examples are language and abstract thinking,basic aspects of perception,movement and adaptive response to the outside world also depend on it.
Posted by: laguerre12
June 20, 2012 03:25 PM EDT
Definitions: from the Greek Theology meaning "God" is the systematic and natural study of religion and it's influences and of the Nature of religious Truths or the learned profession by completing specialized training in Religious studies usually at a University or School of divinity or Seminary.
Definition of Religion: A set of beliefs concerning the cause,Nature and purpose of the Universe especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies,usually involving devotional and ritual observances,and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
Each branch of our knowledge passes successively through three different theoretical conditions. The first is Theology(fictitious) The second is Meyaphysics( abstract) The cerebral Cortex : has a critical role in the abilities and activities that reach their highest level of development in humans. Obvious examples are language and Abstract thinking.These are of course,not the only functions of the Cerebral Cortex,basic aspects of perception,movement,and adaptive response to the outside world also depend on it.
The Third theoretical condition is the Scientific or Positive.The Positive study of phenomena of the Intellect and affections,as the highest part of human Nature.
The Natural law of Man : are the Vegetative.Their objects: The Preservation of the Individual and The preservation of the Species.
comment on Goodness,Justice,and Truth: Anslem( 1033/4-1109) his best known works are the Monologian and the Proslogion.The Prologion went on to show the attributes of God as goodness, justice and truth existing in a single, perfect Being"
Dates: Saint Anslem of Cantebury ( 1033/34-1109), Auguste Comte ( Jan 19,1798- Sep 5,1857)
Topics: Theoretical conditions/ Branch of our knowledge: Aguste Comte and Saint Anslem: Prosologion(Goodness,Truth amd Justice) from The Philosophy of Law ( An Encyclopedia)
Posted by: laguerre12
July 05, 2012 12:33 PM EDT
The Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels:" The Roman Religion and Character: "Emperor worship seems to have originated in the East,where Hellenistic monarchs had long been recognized as divine " saviors" .In the Empire it became a focus a d test of loyalty ( cross reference Pliny,pep,10.96-97) but at Rome it was restricted either to the deceased emperor ( the earlier worship of ancestors) or his " genius" . In the provinces ( later at Rome also) the emperor often shared his cult with the goddess Roma,personification of the Power and spirit of Rome.
Traditionally the Romans valued family life and virtues of gravitas( " dignity") and pietas(" devotion "or dutifulness").But like all peoples they had their darker side,and many instances ate recorded of corruption,sexual immorality,brutality and murder. One should be wary of either idealizing or denigrating them as people
The Romans are famous for their military and administrative genius,their law and their skills in architecture,engineering,and road building. Deeply indebted to Greece in the world of literature,philosophy and creative arts,they nevertheless had their own gift of the lucid expression of ideas in precise and elegant language."
Posted by: laguerre12
July 05, 2012 01:31 PM EDT
Chastity. Physiologically interpreted means nothing more than the fact that present solicitations of sense are overpowered by suggestions of Aesthetic and moral fitness which circumstances awaken in the Cerebrum; and that upon inhibitory or permissive influence of these alone action directly depends" ( William James , Psychology: Jan 11,1842-August 26,1910)
The truth of Aesthetic experience can be grasped only by the intellectual faculties- sight ( observation) hearing and thinking
Posted by: laguerre12
July 05, 2012 03:09 PM EDT
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