Caelum et Terra Readers: Welcome!

April 1997Dale Vree

It is with sadness that we announce that there’s been a death in the family of orthodox Catholic periodicals: Caelum et Terra (Heaven & Earth) has, after over five years of publication, folded. Aesthetically much more attractive than the NEW OXFORD REVIEW, C&T presented the beauty and romance of Catholicism, along with a strong emphasis on social justice, in the Chestertonian and Franciscan senses. C&T’s brave and visionary Editor, Daniel Nichols, put out his quarterly magazine when he wasn’t working his regular 40-hours-a-week job — no easy task!

The NOR has agreed to service the unexpired subscriptions of C&T readers. So, to our new readers from C&T, we say: Welcome! (C&T subscribers who already subscribe to the NOR will have the unexpired term on their C&T subscriptions added to their NOR subscriptions.)

No two magazines, however similar, are identical in tone or personality, but the perspectives of C&T and the NOR are certainly in general harmony. Moreover, we have shared two Contributing Editors — Thomas Storck and Juli Loesch Wiley. Other writers, such as Rupert Ederer, Maclin Horton, and Eric Brende, have appeared in both magazines. So we hope and expect that our new readers will be pleased to be part of the NOR circle.

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