Homosexuality, Contraception & the Defense of Marriage

March 2007By Patrick Danielson

The Rev. Patrick Danielson is an Orthodox priest serving the Orthodox Mission of St. John Cassian in St. Augustine, Florida. Married with six children, Fr. Danielson also teaches philosophy at the University of North Florida.

Courts in several states have held that laws restricting marriage to a man and a woman deny equal protection under the law to homosexuals and so are unconstitutional, even if traditional. Indeed, American courts have been pouring away as worthless the liquid of tradition in which our moral ideals have been suspended.

Living Christian tradition, however, understands that human sexuality finds its fulfillment in the monogamous childbearing union of a man and a woman, wherein two souls are bound in the common struggle to regain Paradise. Alas, the overwhelming number of married couples use contraceptive technology.

The urges of the flesh cannot give rise to civilized cultural order. This is the work of the God-given longing of the soul for divine communion. In search of that communion, the sexual urges of the body are harnessed to the soul’s higher aspirations by recognizing that the twofold nature of human sexuality is ordered primarily to man’s eternal destiny. The Western Christian tradition of marriage is rich with understanding of the human significance of the divinely created sexual order. That order now stands precariously, in need of authentic and authoritative defense. But the widespread practice of contraception among defenders of marriage compromises their position, and so weakens their chance of defending marriage between a man and a woman.

The contraceptive ethos assumes that pleasure for its own sake justifies sexual experience, and this assumption effectively sunders the morally and socially indispensable twofold nature of human sexuality. The case against homosexual marriage thus becomes an argument for the moral superiority of one form of pleasure usurping another: Homosexual sex is inferior, for example, because it does not involve the conjoining of generative organs. Here one confronts a perhaps unseen and certainly unnamed obstacle in the forensic path of those who will defend marriage.

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Evil forces in society now strive with every element of thought control available (the press, the government, the public schools, the media, etc. etc.) to teach our children that homosexual acts, like rectal sodomy between men, is somehow equivalent to the natural and Godly act between man and wife which helps bind husband and wife into one new flesh, and which brings about the miracle of the creation of new human life, and of new human souls.

Children are now encouraged in many public schools to engage in such depraved acts; children (and adults) are persecuted and vilified for pointing out the horribly destructive nature of such behavior - to body and psyche and soul, or for simply pointing out that that is not for what our bodies were obviously designed.

In the Catholic Church - the vast, vast, majority of priests (huge numbers of whom are homosexuals themselves) will simply NEVER speak to our children honestly about this behavior - or about Church teaching with regard to it - and have become pitifully afraid slaves to political correctness - no matter what damage is being done to our children.

It's time that the Church deal directly and forthrightly with this issue - and with all facets of it - NOT just from the Vatican and the Pope (an old man who is far, far more courageous than the average priest) and from the USCCB - but in straightforward and honest and frequent homilies to the faithful in towns and cities across this nation (and around the world). Christians are supposed to take on the evils of the world, and to be willing to take the persecution of the world. We were told by Christ that we would have to. He did.

If the Church does not take on this issue fully, we will see a future where anyone who states that a man and a woman are designed to fit together in marriage, or anyone who draws the obvious distinctions between acts like homoanal sodomy and natural intercourse, or anyone who says anything about sexual perversion at all - will be persecuted and vilified.

The silence on this issue is pervasive (and is one huge element in the Church's disgusting and evil homomolestation scandal).

It's time priests got their courage and spoke the truth.

I'm not holding my breath, though. I don't think most of them have the courage to do it. Many have ceased to be real fathers - who, I assure you all - do not shy away from teaching their children truth about such. The priests around where I live (and in most other places) are AWOL on this issue. It's time they stood up to a culture which wishes to deprave our children, and to steal away their souls.

Posted by: luke
March 06, 2007 12:42 PM EST
Excellent article. The ordinary magisterium teaches, and always has, that contraception is intrinsically evil. [Humanae Vitae 14, Catechism of the Catholic Church 2370, "Married Love and the Gift of Life" (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Nov. 2006),etc.] It is like lying or cheating to get ahead rather than working or studying harder. One may justify getting ahead, but not getting ahead by lying and cheating. The end does not justify the means.
Birth regulation such as natural family planning, is not immoral. It is using nature's (God's creation) own fertility cycles -- along with prayer, self-control and appropriate abstinence -- to choose when to try to become or not to become pregnant. By contraception, however, a man and a woman deliberately disrupt and sterilize the marital act -- God's own plan for new life. They deny God sovereignty over when He will create an immortal soul. They usurp God's wise and providential role in His life-giving plan; they play God. In contraception, a man and a woman lie to and cheat each other with their bodies -- claiming to give all and holding back their fertility; and they also lie to and cheat God -- asking Him to bless a dihonest act while withholding from Him His creative sovereignty.
Posted by: tomreynolds46
March 27, 2007 12:34 AM EDT
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