Demography Is Destiny: Babies Trump Bombs in the End

March 2002By Thomas Basil

Thomas Basil contributes to the renewal of Western civilization by raising six children, with the indispensable help of his wife.

September 11 gave Americans a vivid taste of the Culture of Death, and it was more than many of us could bear. But it is part and parcel of the Culture of Death that has been welcomed in America for decades, enshrined in law and upheld by elite opinion.

To the hijackers, the lives in the twin towers had no value. They were just Americans, anonymous and unseen. To American law, the lives in the womb are just fetuses, anonymous and unseen.

Both ideologies, abortion and terrorism, command wide public support. Huge numbers of Arabs celebrated joyfully throughout the Mideast on September 11. Ample majorities in U.S. public opinion do not want to see abortion outlawed.

Some met death in sheets of flame -- others meet it in scalding saline injections. Some were crushed to death by falling concrete -- others are crushed by snapping forceps. Some were sliced to death by shattered glass -- others are sliced by surgical knives.

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Well said, Mr. Basil! It's time we all started talking more about our lagging population. More importantly, it's time we fixed it! The United States may have the best military in the world, but what good will that be if there aren't any young people to join the military? Posted by: Fr_Richard
June 08, 2006 09:42 AM EDT
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