You Can Spit on God, But Don't You Dare Affirm Him

February 2007By Donna R. LaPlante

Donna R. LaPlante is a retired accountant and a freelance writer in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Is this the worst of times for Christianity? Perhaps it would be wrong to say it is the worst of times, but it can be said with certainty that Christians in the U.S. are experiencing a real, if subtle, persecution for their beliefs. Crisscrossing our country like a ravenous flame is the hatred of the atheists, the "gay" activists, the ACLU, and the secularists, who are launching attacks against the Christian religion. The reasons are simple: By suppressing the moral teachings of Christianity, the "gays" will have little opposition to their homosexual agenda; pro-abortionists will no longer struggle against the prolife movement; scientists will be free to use fertilized embryos for stem cell research; euthanasia will become a way of life — or make that death. (If you are sick, tired, maimed, handicapped, or just too old, suicide will be the approved solution.) Christians are the roadblock to these wanton desires and therefore are the recipients of persecution. Sadly, many Christians do little more than silently watch and wring their hands and comply and capitulate.

The atheists and secularists are on the march, with the goal of wiping out all references to God from the public arena. Be assured, atheists are well organized in the promotion of their anti-religion agenda. Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheist, said Christians have plenty of churches and places where they can pray and practice their religion; it is not necessary for religion to pollute the public domain. An illustration of their persistence and determination is the controversial atheist Michael Newdow and his campaign to exclude the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance and "In God We Trust" from our currency. The First Amendment is the legal whip they use to convince judges that any public reference to religion is unconstitutional and unfit for public viewing.

The First Amendment never intended, nor does it presently intend, that any mention of God or Jesus Christ in public prayer is just cause for men to scurry to the highest court in the land with the sole intent of muting Christians' public mention of God. The reason our Founding Fathers came to these shores was to flee governments that enforced an established state religion and persecuted anyone who did not proclaim that belief — in other words, they came for religious liberty. Our civic ancestors felt it was paramount that this should never happen in America and, as a safeguard, wrote the First Amendment to the Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...." Could they ever have imagined that their civic progeny would so distort the interpretation of this Amendment that it would destroy the very religious liberty they were trying to protect?

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The time has come for all American Christians (Catholic and other) to stand up for God and for Christ and for Christian morality in our nation - and for the freedom to make that stand.

God and Christ and freedom are all under attack in our country, and the attack will get stronger unless we fight back. In short, it's time to go on the offensive - even if, yes, that means to 'not be nice' and 'to offend.' People who are into selfishness and depravity and all sorts of sin are always offended when you call them on it. That's why Christians always face persecution. To love the other is not a feeling; it is to call the other to love.

If Christians in this country do not go on the offensive, their children will grow up in a paganistic and depraved and tyrannical society, where nothing will be seen as intrinsically good, holy, right or true - and where you will be punished for saying so.

And you know what - the Church bears a huge lot of responsibility for the way things are. It allowed itself to be encumbered by evil from within (witness the homosodomitic molestation scandal and its coverup); its leaders can rarely speak clearly about anything; there is little or no discipline from the top; grave unrepentant sinners (Nancy Pelosi et al) are lauded and befriended; many serious Catholics in the nation are forlorn and dismayed (and wonder to what degree they should entrust those who run the Church with their children's souls).

Many a Catholic priest cringes in fear for mentioning sin, sexual morality, divorce, pornography, abortion, hell, or anything else which makes anyone feel the tiniest bit uncomfortable. Most priests are on the silent defensive - afraid to take on squalor of our moden day society. What's worse, their silence has now led to huge numbers of Catholics not even knowing why all sorts of sinful things are wrong to begin with! Catholic catechesis in many areas is a joke - an evil joke. In our area, the average teen Confirmee to be couldn't quote one line from Scripture.

Ayn Rand said that when you negotiate with evil - evil wins. She was right. Only Christians (and Catholics) were supposed to know that already.

We should stop negotiating with evil, and go on the offensive against it - both within the Church and without. Our souls and the well-being and the eternal souls of our children are at stake (along with the future of our country and of the world).
Posted by: luke
January 31, 2007 03:31 PM EST
Time to take up arms and defend our faith, for our leadership is faithless and cowardly! Posted by: gespin3549
February 27, 2007 11:29 AM EST
This article should be required reading for all
Christians, especially Catholics. And we absolutely must rebuke the 'feel good' pagans!
Posted by: auntmoha
March 13, 2007 11:44 AM EDT
Luke (and the others) is absolutely right. It is apparently up to the laity to go on the offensive. Another thing that disgusts me is that, outside of the realm of orthodox and tradition-oriented Catholic press, we are never made to feel proud of Catholic history. No, but we constantly hear about ancient Jewish practice, and just about anything is wonderful as long as it isn't good ol' rock-solid Catholicism. Islam is often included in the "three great faiths" lie; the absurdity of putting Islam on the same plane as Christ's Church! What kind of ignorant nihilist would say such a thing? Thomas Woods nailed it when he commented (in THE LATIN MASS) recently how liberal Catholics would have us be embarrassed about the glorious Catholic past. Two other topics (in addition to abortion, hell, etc.) I never hear about are purgatory and indulgences. One thing we can do to rebuke pagans is to admonish them when they take the Lord's name in vain. We all hear it, probably more than once a day. (Many Christians do it all the time, as well). But whenever possible, tell them to please refrain from it. It may seem small, but any and every little hindrance of sin gives glory to God. Posted by: Mike Ezzo
April 19, 2007 06:39 AM EDT
One year later, the situation is even worse. But, at least some US Bishops are doing the right thing and responding with vigor rather than the usual lame impotence! Posted by: gespin3549
July 16, 2008 08:58 AM EDT
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